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Today, many businesses show a great interest in developing a full-fledged live streaming platform with impressive features for their business promotions. This is because a feature-rich live streaming platform will benefit the business and the consumers as well. It is a great way of enhancing interaction between the businesses and their potential customers. It also paves the way for engaging prospective clients who may not otherwise think of reaching out to the businesses at any time.

So, to say it in a nutshell, building a robust live streaming platform for businesses will be a smart move because you can utilize the platform for your various business activities such as for announcing any new product, live streaming events, providing tutorials on products and services, intensifying the connection with your target customers through service or product demos, for communicating with staffs, and so on. Therefore, whatever may be your business model such as healthcare, real estate, education industry, media, retail industry, etc., live streaming will be the most effective way to reach the global audience.

But, how to build an engaging live streaming application for your business to stand out from the crowd?

Today, a lot of live streaming solutions are available in the market, so it will be quite challenging to pick the right solution to build a powerful live streaming platform for your business. In that way, using a readymade clone solution of a best live streaming platform will greatly help you to launch your own influential live streaming platform quickly and within your budget.  Periscope is one such best-in-class live streaming application that allows the streaming of unlimited live videos with simple steps. By enhancing the live streaming experiences of users, Periscope serves as the most convenient app to

  • Broadcast live videos

  • Share the live video links instantly on social media platforms

  • Find popular live streams around the world

So, there is no doubt that by making use of a ready to use and unique clone solution of Periscope, you can arrive at your own attention-grabbing live streaming platform for your business. But, at the same time, you must understand that nowadays many readymade Periscope clone solutions are available and not all of them will perfectly suit your business model to build an astounding live streaming platform. So, it is essential to look out for some significant factors while choosing a live streaming solution for your business.

Key features to consider while choosing a Periscope clone solution

  • The Periscope clone solution must allow the streamer on the app to broadcast live videos instantly and conveniently with just very simple steps. This will definitely astonish the users on the live streaming platform

  • The online solution must show seamless performance for streaming high-quality live videos across diverse screen sizes and platforms

  • It must promote smooth communication between the users on the platform. So, users can have a quick live chat with their desired contacts whenever they need

  • The Periscope clone solution should include options for reporting or blocking the user if he/she is involved in any offensive activities on the platform. As this enhances the security of the users on the app, the reliability of the platform will be automatically increased.

  • It should support the inclusion of several, beneficial revenue factors so that Admin of the app can make a great profit within a short timespan

  • The online solution must be pre-built with a highly advanced filter option to enable the users on the live streaming platform to watch the desired live videos in just a fraction of second. They can search and filter the videos based on different categories like the location of the broadcaster, age, gender, etc.

  • It should also include some other interesting additions for the streamers and the users such as live viewers, live comments, video calls, notifications, camera swaps, and so on.

With all these above-mentioned inclusions, grabbing the attention of users on the live streaming platform will be no more a tedious job.

Closing thoughts

As said earlier, utilizing an impeccable Periscope clone solution will be a good idea to build an amazing live streaming platform for your business. Also, you must consider the points that are mentioned in the above section while selecting a readymade clone solution. In addition to these important inclusions, the Periscope clone solution that you choose must be readily customizable to include the required, innovative functionalities in the future. So, you must go for a uniquely crafted and dynamically adaptable Periscope clone solution to build a visually stunning live streaming application. Boost your business growth by developing an impressive live streaming platform with a reliable and scalable Periscope clone solution.



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