Brand Positioning – A Surefire Way to Build a Strong Brand

Have you ever given a thought to what makes your business stand apart from your competition? Successful companies like Nike, McDonald, Apple, and more have one thing in coming – A strong brand!

For all businesses that are striving to succeed in their specific niche, creating a strong brand must be a priority. According to recent research reports, brands that are consistently presented see an average revenue increase of 33%. It generates a higher margin, improves customer loyalty, and enhances the image and identity. The experts from the leading branding agency in Sydney agree that brand positioning is the only way to build a strong brand.

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is a strategy used to position your brand in the minds of your customers and is more than a tagline and a fancy logo. An effective brand positioning strategy from a branding agency perceives your brand as favourable, reliable, credible, and unique in the minds of your customers.

Why Should You Prioritise Brand Positioning?

Do you want to get a leg up on your competition? Brand positioning can help you! Yes, it allows you to differentiate your business from the rest of others and increase brand awareness, value, and the bottom line of your business.

Tips to Create an Effective Brand Positioning Strategy

Here we’ve listed a few tips from the leading branding agency on creating an effective brand positioning strategy.

– Analyse your current brand positioning, identify the mission, values, and what sets your product different from other products in the industry.

– Determine your competitors by conducting market research, getting customer feedback, using social media and other forums, and more.

– Perform in-depth competitor analysis to figure out how your competitors are positioning their brand in the market.

– Identify what makes you different from your competitors and make it as your unique selling point.

– Create a positioning statement that communicates your brand’s unique value to your customers in relation to your main competitors.

– After creating a positioning statement, evaluate if it’s working by gathering feedback from your customers.

– Connect with your prospects on a human level by creating an emotional connection with them.

– During the selling process, make sure you are reinforcing the differentiating properties of your company’s product or service and making your brand unique throughout the process.

– Enhance your business value by helping your customers solve a problem or overcome a challenge they are experiencing with your product or service.

Having a strong brand makes all the difference when you are entering or competing in a market. So, talk to your marketing agency in Parramatta to create a unique brand positioning strategy that gets the attention of your target audience, and makes your business grow.

The author of this article is a leading marketing expert associated with a branding agency and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he discusses the importance of brand positioning. Visit for more information.

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