Birthday Gift Guide – Send these 5 Best Flowers to Your Loved One

So your friend’s or relative’s birthday is fast approaching, and you are asking yourself what to gift this time. If you want to give something unique, intimate, and special, consider sending them flowers. Nothing compares to the feeling someone gets when they receive a bouquet or arrangement of colourful and gorgeous flowers. And it’s just perfect for anyone – your parents, siblings, friends, relatives, or neighbours. If you are unsure what flowers should you buy, consider these top recommendations from a florist in Toronto Ontario:


Iris – a beautiful flower with six petals, three of them bending outward and the other three staying upright. There are various colours of irises, but blue and purple are the most popular ones. To someone who is unique and bold, iris will be the perfect flower to send. By giving this flower, you are conveying the message that you admire their strength and courage.


Gerberas belong to the daisy family and they also resemble the shape of daisies. There are various colours of gerberas and they’re available in medium to large sizes. Gerberas – and daises, in general – represent purity and innocence. Gerberas also indicate cheerfulness. They are bright and happy and bold. Besides being a good gift for birthdays, gerberas are also presented to make someone smile.


Yes, roses are not just meant for gifting to your significant other. According to a florist in Toronto Ontario, roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world and they make a great birthday gift too. They are available in so many different colours, shapes, and sizes.

Traditionally, pink roses mean joy and admiration, yellow roses represent friendship, red roses mean passionate love, and white roses indicate purity. But whatever variety you choose will bring a smile of delight to the face of your loved one.


Tulips are yet another popular flower. They remind us of spring. They are available in white, pink, yellow, red and other beautiful shades. Tulips represent perfect love, so send an arrangement via flower delivery in Toronto to someone you hold dear to your heart. They will certainly appreciate the thought.


Fun fact – there are about 80 to 100 species of lily! But the lilies we commonly get from flower shops include the oriental lily and Asiatic lily. Oriental lilies have large blooms and a beautiful fragrance. Asiatic lilies are smaller and more like day lilies. Any lily you choose will be suitable for birthdays. Lilies generally symbolise positivity and happiness. A vase of fresh lilies will make someone’s birthday truly special. Every day a new bud will open into a beautiful flower.

Pick one or more of these suggested flowers to surprise your loved one on their birthday. Be sure to order a few days in advance for best selection. But if you forget, use same day flower delivery in Toronto, so that your floral gift will reach them without delay.

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