Best practices in digital marketing for startups

While the relevance of digital marketing for product promotion and brand recognition in 2020 is an undisputable proposition, startups must become aware of the best practices in digital marketing so that they can give the right shape to their marketing efforts. When you are jumping into digital marketing, taking the right advice from a good Empresas De Marketing Digital Perú and partnering with them for their services can assure better returns for your investment. Here are the best practices in digital marketing startups must know in 2020.

Understand the basics of digital marketing

The two sides of digital marketing include your business and your target audience. All about digital marketing is to connect with your audience and move them to take the action you want. To market to your audience that you do not know is the challenge in front of you. Hence buyer personas make the first step in digital marketing. Buyer persona means the document that contains the complete details about your ideal or prospective customers. This must include their personal details as well as details like the social media channels they use and the solutions they might need from your business. The objective behind this exercise is to make your marketing campaign strong targeted at specific groups so that you get the best results.

Optimize your website content for search engines

To get more business, it is important your website shows up to the results given by the search engines for the search queries inputted by users. Since these visitors can be highly targeted, it is easier to convert them. Perform a thorough keyword research as the first step to improve your visibility on search engines. Keyword research will also reveal you the keywords popularly used by potential customers. New businesses must focus on long-tail keywords. It is said long tail keywords have a clear intent, low competition and they account for a significant portion of the searches. While search engine optimization can a longer time to produce results, paid advertisements are a faster way to land on quick results when you target valuable keywords.

Set up a blog and update it regularly

Your potential customers might require guidance with the products while making the buying decision. Some marketing reports show us that about 50 percent of the users read through three to five pieces of content before they made up their mind to buy a product or service. Create an editorial calendar and publish content consistently on your blog. When your blog is regularly updated, it will rank for more keywords on search engines and fetch you more leads. Companies that published 16 blog posts per month are found to get 4.5 times more leads than those that published zero to four posts.

Engage your audience through personalized emails

Engaging your audience on a personal level can produce more results in times of conversion, sales and profits. Studies show that email campaigns produce more return on investment. It is important to personalize the emails so that your customers are motivated to open the mails and read through them. Emails with personalized subject lines have 26% more chances of being opened and read.


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