Best Lighting Company in India Offer You Fine Details Art Installations and Bespoke Lights

Decorative lighting has a major role in determining the beauty of a home or building and the significance of lights intensify further in the festive season. Decorating your house during this festive season is a must and if you are out of ideas, then do’t worry, we have some really interesting decoration ideas that might come in handy. The designer lights mainly deal with three main aspects of illumination. One is the aesthetic appeal, another ergonomic aspect, and the third and final is the efficiency in energy saving. 

There are certain designer lights and art installation which you can place at your home. Of all the designer lights, chandeliers offer elegance and beauty. If you want your place to look elegant prefer hand-blown glass chandeliers. Not all companies are experts in making chandeliers in glass, like KLOVE STUDIO.

KLOVE is the best lighting company in India, our professional designers offer you fine details art installations and bespoke lights at the right price. Our hand-blown glass technology is very renowned in the lighting industry and our technology exceeds international standards.

KLOVE follows the tradition of glass blowing by supporting the local artisans of India and creating handmade pieces. We believe in slow design, artisanal craftsmanship, and handmade in India. The beauty of glass is it can take the form of whatever idea your mind forms. 

KLOVE is continuously searching for new inspirations from different cultures from around the world and the plenteous beauty of nature that surrounds us everywhere. Our artisans can bring these inspirations to life through the art of handblown glass and create unique, never before seen pieces for our clients. 

Asteroid Tea Light Chandelier

Klove’s widely popular Asteroid chandelier is an attractive variant in this tea light. Modern, whimsical, and refreshingly unique, this cosmos-inspired design in charcoal coloured handblown glass enhances your collection of interior décor accessories. 

Lighting plays a major role in the beautification of your space, for every occasion and space we have the best designer lightings and art installations

Lights are an adaptable media and a gifted and creative designer can utilize it in the best manner. There are a few more to do in designer lighting and studies are as yet going on over that to enlist the best use of light as a method for improving any space, either your home or office or any structure.

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