Best Cellulite Treatment Options in Vancouver


Cellulite is a problem many people try hard to treat, but not many of the treatments will achieve the desired goal. If you are looking for the best cellulite treatment Vancouver, we have a couple of recommendations that have been tried, tested and proven to produce significant improvement in the appearance of the skin.

There are two treatments that you can opt for. The first one that seems most effective is using the Accent Prime™ system for targeting cellulite and then you can go for laser skin tightening. Of course, it may depend on you finding the best cellulite treatment Vancouver clinic to be able to see the best results.

Accent Prime: This is a non-invasive procedure that involves the latest ultrasound technology and advanced radio frequency. The procedure will also thicken the skin to give it a nicer appearance. It may not be the cheapest treatment, but the results are great and long lasting.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: After the cellulite treatment you can also go for Radio Frequency skin tightening Vancouver, You can start by visiting a dermatologist to provide you with a clear diagnosis and whether Radio frequency tightening will help effectively tone your skin.


You need to be able to stand the sight of needles for this one because the entire procedure revolves around needles. A needle is pushed under the skin and then it is used to break up the bands under the skin that cause cellulite. The procedure may take longer, but research shows that as much as 99 percent success rate of this procedure and the results can last as long as 2 years.


For some people, it is just about being healthy and exercising. Some people with cellulite have reported them disappearing after they lost weight and started living a healthy life. It is worth a try before you visit a medical spa Vancouver. It, however, may not work for everyone but for those that it has worked for, it seems to be a more permanent treatment.

Skin Creams

There are a few creams on the market that have proven to help significantly with cellulite. These, however, need to be applied regularly and for a long period before the results can be seen. It is, however, advisable to do research on the creams that you use because the majority promise a lot and deliver nothing. Sometimes though it depends on the way you use it. Ensure you follow the instructions correctly.

In Conclusion

Ultrasound treatment is currently the best option, although the price may seem high, this is what many people say has helped them. The procedure is safe and not painful. There may be many other treatments that may still need research it is best that you find a knowledgeable professional to help you.

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