Benefits of Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Mini Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, mini dental implants are worth considering as it will restore your smile and dramatically improve your oral health in several ways. However, mini dental implants have the same advantages as conventional teeth implants in replacing missing teeth. But, it is anchored into your jawbone without major surgery. Unlike regular dental implants, you will get your artificial teeth ready to use immediately after the placement of mini dental implants Melbourne.

All about mini dental implants

Mini dental implants function like traditional dental implants, but they are small in size. Yes, they are small and are placed surgically in minimally invasive method compared to conventional dental implants Collins street Melbourne. You can use the mini implant on the same day of the placement. The mini dental implant adds stability to the upper or lower denture. The recovery time is quicker than traditional implants as it does not require stitches and one doesn’t have to wait several months for healing. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, it does not greatly affect the mini dental implants cost Australia.

When compared to traditional dental implants, mini implants are smaller and easier to place, making it a much more affordable option for patients. Mini implants can be secured to a bridge over the top of your teeth or even a pair of dentures.

Perks of mini dental implants

Avoid major surgery

One of the major advantages of replacing teeth with mini dental implants is that it is minimally invasive. They can be used even if you have lost a lot of jawbones. You may have sufficient quality of jawbone if you have lost your teeth and had not replaced them for several years, have had untreated gum disease, have sustained an injury that knocked out a tooth, and have misaligned teeth. If there is not enough jaw bone, standard dental implants cannot be inserted without bone graft surgery. On the other hand, mini implants deliver the perfect solution as they are designed to eliminate bone grafting procedures.

Make life easier

With mini implants, you can eat all the foods you love. In fact, you can smile, speak, and eat freely in public. Mini implants enhance the look while supporting the surrounding bone structure.

Provide support to dentures

Mini implants are inserted into the jawbone to serve as a stable and strong support base that protects your dentures. If you have partial dentures or need a tooth replaced, mini dental implants are certainly worth considering as it provides enhanced stabilisation.

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