Benefits of Medical Detox Treatment


Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. It is the process of clearing the toxic substances from your body. Undergoing detox without medical care increases the risk of an unsuccessful detox. It may reduce the likelihood of the individual who try detox again in the future. Mitigation of withdrawal symptoms and treatment of co-morbid conditions are just some of the benefits of medical detox in Albuquerque that contribute to a greater likelihood of successful recovery.

There are a host of factors that are involved in the severity level of the withdrawal process, including:

-Social factors, including whether the person has adequate support from family and friends

-The volume of drug abuse/severity of the abuse

-The length of abuse

-Physiological factors specific to the individual in withdrawal

-The type of drug abused

Medicated detox can occur in different settings, including but not limited to:

-A clinic or other community service setting that offers this service

-A standalone detoxification facility

-A hospital with a detoxification facility

-A rehab center that is equipped with a detoxification facility

Typical Treatments in Medical Detox

Detox is the first step. It seeks to meet your needs during one of the most difficult times in life. Possible care approaches include:

-Meditation as a tool for stress relief and introduction to mindfulness training

Depression treatment Albuquerque can be substantial during detox

-Group detox therapy in Albuquerque NM that offers you a chance to express yourself and receive positive peer feedback and encouragement

-Medical supervision that helps if you encounter seizures or other symptoms relevant to your withdrawal profile

-IV Therapy to provide hydration and nutrients, which assist your body with staying strong

-Medication-assisted treatment that focuses on pain relief and cravings management

Benefits of Medical Detox

The goal of any detox program, outpatient or inpatient, is to safely relieve the symptoms of withdrawal, but inpatient medical detox in Albuquerque is preferable for many reasons. Here are a few of them: •

-Inpatient stays are best if you have overdosed in the past or if you relapsed after outpatient detox and treatment.

-Inpatient facilities are able to dedicate medical staff to the addict 24 hours a day. They’re well equipped to manage both the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal.

-Replacement medications are offered to help with the more severe detox symptoms.

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