Ionic framework is been used by many people in an organization to improve or build their own mobile app. In other word this is a cross-platform for mobile app development. Ionic is the world’s top open-source platform which is been used by most of the organizations for app development. Ionic Training in Chennai would help you to get trained in this technology.

How does ionic work?

Ionic normally uses some web technologies or languages to create a mobile application. To create hybrid applications then consider software development kit (SDK) for mobile application. Ionic provides a collection of components that will provide a native look for the app, this includes buttons, tabs, and menus.

Using ionic is not a difficult one, they usually come with a tool to help you to set up and build a project. Command-line interface project is open source project so you can use them for free to develop your own apps.

Benefits in using ionic

It is not that easy to develop a native app. Building an android application would really require knowing more about the android studio and java programming language. You also need to know more about app UI and XML layers.

If you want to convert your app into multiple platforms you have rewrite some functionality in three different languages. Developing an app will require learning a lot about different languages and tools.

Hybrid apps in ionic

These hybrid apps will have an advantage in each library and user interface component. These apps are called hybrid apps because they use the mix of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are many apps which are used to create an app that runs in a web view. In this, the most popular is Apache Cordova. Ionic uses this Cordova to run the app that you create as a native app.

Cordova normally acts as a native code for ionic applications. They also complied with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and allowing the apps to run natively on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Coding with Cordova will give you the feel and look of a native application. Anyone who wants to create an app or develop your app ionic is the best technology to do it.

Certification in Ionic course

People who want to make their own apps can strongly believe in ionic technology as it is very helpful in creating an app with multiple platforms. Students who are willing to know about this technology can come and join in FITA which is the best training institute in the city. Trainers are professional in this course and also can give you a real-time demo in this. Students will be provided with certification once they complete the course. Come join in FITA and get placed in a reputed concern.

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