Bathroom Renovation to boost the ROI of your Home!

It is well established that renovating the bathroom is one of the best ways to boost the value of your home. The average ROI of a bathroom renovation is somewhere around 70%. If you are renovating your bathroom but still plan to live in the house, then the obvious return on investment is a beautiful new space. However, if you are planning to sell the property down the line, then the return on investment will be a higher value for your property.

Bathrooms are one of the main talking points for most homebuyers nowadays. An outdated or dreary bathroom, particularly the master bath, can drive prospects away. Conversely, a stylish, modern, functional bathroom, can be a huge selling point. However, to reap the full benefits of increasing the value of your property, a complete bathroom renovation is not necessary. Here are some of the most profitable projects to increase the value of your home.

Update the Floor or Backsplash:

Redesigning the backslash can be as complicated or as simple as your budget allows and it can redefine the room giving the fresh new look you are expecting. For the widest appeal, select versatile and classic tiles that can fit several styles. According to professionals who do bathroom renovations Sydney, for the wow factor choose uniquely shaped bold colour flooring.

Invest in Slab Countertops:

Slab countertops are all the rage for many reasons. They give your vanity a continuous look that makes your bathroom look high-end. Moreover, these countertops are durable. If only the best will do, nothing can match the elegance of natural stone countertops. They can retain a brand new appearance while dealing with everyday wear and tear like a champion.

Universal design:

Modifying the accessibility of your bathroom can be one of the most crucial selling points for most buyers. The whole idea is not just for handicapped or people with mobility problems but involves changes that anyone can appreciate. For example, a curbless shower has no threshold and can benefit people like the elderly, kids, and those with mobility issues. Open sections under the counter are not only wheelchair accessible; it also makes a perfect vanity.

Why small bathroom renovations Sydney is essential before selling my home?

If your bathroom is already in good working condition with only slightly outdated materials, you can contact professionals for simple patch-up works to achieve that it worthy look. However, if your bathroom has moulds, structural issues, water damage, cracked tiles, or substandard electrical problems, you should definitely renovate it. Most of these issues will come up with a buyer’s inspection anyway. When putting your home on sale with such serious problems, you are going to end up paying for the repair one way or another. Contact professionals who own bathroom showrooms Sydney and get your quote now.

The author is a Sydney-based bathroom renovation specialist. With a team of professionals, he offers a range of bathroom packages that makes bathroom remodelling an easy and seamless process. For bathroom renovations Sydney, visit

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