BactoSense Detect Bacteria in Distribution Network – Innovations with Tangible Benefits

BactoSense is the automatic flow cytometer, which is specially developed according to the needs of the water industry for the microbiological monitoring of drinking water. It allows the determination of total microbial cell count (TCC) or intact cell count (ICC). An internal database allows all measured data to be reviewed and visualised across the entire measuring period. With one BactoSense, two measurements are possible thanks to different cartridges. The practical cartridge can be used for up to 1,000 measurements and is recyclable. Did you know BactoSense detects more than 99% of the bacteria in distribution network? Also, the measuring results are available after just 30 minutes! The compact flow cytometer takes up little space, and this flow cytometer can be operated both in automatically and manually. And also the result can transmit in digital or analog form.

Flow Cytometer Innovations with Tangible Benefits

1. An internal database allows recalling and displaying measured data from previous years.

2. An automatic and manual mode allows simple & clear operation.

3. A large touch screen with colour display serves as a control unit.

4. All chemicals, including waste, are packed in a hermetically sealed, recyclable cartridge

5. Sampling – cell staining – measurement – cleaning is performed quickly and fully automatically

6. Intelligent Operating Unit.

7. Detection of more than 99% of bacteria.

8. Simple handling based on a cartridge system.

9. Results available after only 30 minutes.

10. Easy system integration thanks to multiple interfaces

11. Compact instrument with a small footprint

12. No handling of chemicals and no samples preparation necessary

13. Safe-to-handle cartridge containing all chemicals and waste

14. User-friendly operation and maintenance concept

15. Flexible settings for threshold values and alarms

16. Fully automated flow cytometer specifically designed for industrial requirements

Flow Cytometer Detecting Bacteria in Distribution Network- Things to know!

The entire program sequence of BactoSense for detecting the bacteria in water treatment plant, and colour of raw water – from sampling, adding reagent, mixing and incubation all the way through to measurement and cleaning – is carried out quickly and is fully automated. Replacing the cartridge is as simple as replacing the ink cartridge on a printer. All manual processing steps can be omitted, removing the need for repetitive tasks and freeing up time for laboratory staff. All operating materials (including waste material) are contained in a hermetically sealed, recyclable cartridge.

Final Words

BactoSense is the automated flow cytometer, designed for online monitoring of microbial cell number in water. This device will be helpful for the Industries such as, Pharmaceutics & cosmetics, Laboratories & universities, Food & beverage, and water treatment & distribution, and more industries.

The author of this article is a leading provider of BactoSense, the automatic flow cytometer that detects bacteria in distribution network. In this article, he discusses the BactoSense innovations with tangible benefits. To learn more, visit

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