Avoid These Mistakes the Next Time When You Are Painting Your House

With many DIY painting videos and blogs, it is no wonder you would want to paint your house all by yourself. DIY painting might seem to be easier in those videos and blogs. But, it is not the truth. Painting is a tedious job that requires certain skills and techniques to achieve the desired result and finish the project on time without any pitfalls. When not done right, it could be a costlier mistake that requires professional intervention to get it fixed. That’s why it is essential to hire Painting services Bella Vista to ensure the job is done right.

However, if you are an ardent DIYer, avoid these mistakes, as shared by our Bella vista painters:-

Not Preparing the Wall

This is one of the most common mistakes that every DIY painter makes. See, it might be so tempting to paint the walls. But, preparation of the painting surface is the crucial step when it comes to a Painting Bella Vista job. You mustn’t skip this step. Hence, prepare the surface before start painting the walls.

Using the Wrong Brush

A paintbrush is one of the most crucial elements of a painting job. Using the right type of brush/roller is essential. While a quality brush can help to achieve a smooth and professional finish, a wrong brush can make the paint nearly impossible to spread and apply on the walls. The perfect finish begins with determining the proper applicator for the job. There are different types of brushes and rollers available in the market. Make sure to choose the right brush based on the type of paint you have chosen. Natural- bristle brushes work well with oil-based paints. On the other hand, synthetic brushes are the right choice for water-based latex paint. Get help from the seller if you are struggling to choose the right applicator.

Not Using Primer

See, primers cover flaws in the surface and help achieve a perfect, long-lasting finish. If you are repainting a wall that has a colour and good shape, primers are not necessary. However, if you plan to paint over a hard surface, including wood, plaster, concrete, glossy paint, or stained walls, it is good to prime the wall before applying the paint. Also, if the walls are new, you’ll have to use primer a before painting.

Not Taping

Taping is a crucial step in a painting job. It helps to ensure that you’ll have clean edges and a polished finish. Hence, ensure that you seal the tape around the edges, baseboards, and windows to prevent bleeding. However, remove the tape before the paint dries.

Not Giving Enough Time

It is essential to consider the drying time between coats. Applying the second coat quickly can result in peeling paint and visible brush strokes. Wait for at least 24 hours before applying the second coat.

Try avoiding these mistakes when you paint your home to achieve the desired results and save money.

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