Avoid These Colours When Painting Your Office

fresh coat of paint is a great way to bring a breath of fresh air into any business, regardless of the size. Colours can be bright and bold or calm and complement the accents of the room within.

When it comes to painting your home, you can experiment with different colours; even use your favourite colours. But, it’s not the same for formal places like office interiors. The colour you choose for your office interiors has a significant impact on your employees and clients psychological state. Remember, relaxed office design is a more productive workplace!

There are colours that you need to avoid, and here are they:-


Do you know yellow can cause anxiety, and people are likely to lose their temper? While yellow is an emotionally stimulating shade, it has both positive and negative effects based on how the colour is used. In fact, yellow is too bright and intense that they may not let your employees relax and be overpowering. If your logo is yellow and you wanted to use it in your office interiors, painters Sydney Inner West can help you mix and match with other shades.


Of course, red is a bold colour that evokes various emotions. However, it can also be an intense colour that can overstimulate employees, evoking feelings of anger. So, it is advisable to use red as an accent colour.


While brown colour creates a warm feeling, it can make a room seem dark and tend to de-energise employees.


Undoubtedly, Grey looks classic when used rightly. But, it can be suppressive, depressing, and foster a lack of confidence in employees.


It is another trickier shade to get it correct. Green could be very bright and fairly overpowering. Sometimes it even reminds people of the feeling of being sick.


White walls are affordable and can make a space look sleek and clean. However, it easily gets dirty. So, it’s best to stay away from white and choose light blues, greens, or any other lighter hues. Speak to the house painters Sydney Inner West and choose the right shades.

So, what colour should you paint your office interiors? Well, go with blues, greens, oranges and yellows and neutral shades. Whether you believe or not, the psychology of colours significantly affects office paint colours. If you want to create harmony in your workplace, choose the right colours.

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