Auto Locksmith – Top 4 Myths Busted

Did you know most of the time people don’t get the service they need due to the myths surrounding these services? This is true, when it comes to locksmith services! Most people do not have a lot of experience dealing with locksmiths, since they only need them occasionally. So, when they actually need them, they fall back on the myths and it can deter them from getting the help they need when they are locked out of their home or their vehicle. So, here our locksmith in Collinsville IL will explain the top 4 myths with the truth everyone should know.

Myth #1

Locksmiths Only Work On Locks

Many people believe that they can only call a locksmith in Collinsville IL, only if they are in need of lock replacement or keys. But, the reality is, they can also handle video surveillance and access control systems. They will help you with many services from car keys, residential and commercial lock replacements, and master key systems.

Myth #2

Same Equipment and Tools

A professional locksmith may specialize in a specific kind of key, but most of them are generalists and carry the necessary tools to make all kinds of keys and to fix all kinds of locks. So, before choosing a locksmith, check to confirm their services to know what they can help you do.

Myth #3

They Keep Copies of Your Key

Some people believe that an auto locksmith in Collinsville IL will keep copies of your keys and gain access to your vehicle later. But, they are professionals who have extensive training and experience. You can trust them and always check their reviews online from customers to see about their experiences.

Myth #4

They Change The Price When They Arrive

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Some unprofessional locksmith companies can take advantage of you in this situation. You should keep the number of a trusted locksmith stored in your phone so you know who to call when you are in an in need of one that will give you an upfront cost and be reliable.

The Bottom Line

From lock replacement to key reprograming, a locksmith specializes in a variety of services. They can resolve any lock issues that you couldn’t imagine can be rectified with ease and knowledge. So, don’t allow these myths to keep you from getting the services you need.

The author of this article is a leading auto locksmith in Collinsville IL with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he writes about the myths that keep people away from the locksmith services they need. Visit for more information.

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