Are You Wondering Where To Buy Empty Juul Pods?

The Juul really changed the game for vape users. Instead of requiring a device with a large battery mod, the Juul offered a sleek vaporizing option that was easy to throw in a pocket or bag for users on the go. Sadly these amazing little devices have seen a massive decline in use due to a ban on the sale of prefilled flavored vape pods. Now Juul fans who do not enjoy tobacco and menthol flavored pods are often left wondering where to buy empty Juul pods that they can refill themselves.


If you loved Juul’s flavored pod options, you probably share this sentiment. In all likelihood you are probably currently enjoying a natural flavored pods or some kind of flavored alternative. The ban on the sale of flavored vape pods in the US was a measure put into effect in order to discourage the use of these vaporizers by underage users. The unfortunate side effect of this policy was the fact that it left Juul users of legal age unable to enjoy the convenience of popping a flavored pod into their Juul battery.

Using refillable Juul pods is a way for users to enjoy the sleek design of the Juul with no limits on the flavor options available to them. These pods are designed to offer the same size as a traditional Juul pod, but they often feature a small fill port where e-liquids can be added to the pod. These leak resistant fill ports make these pods easy to seal so you can fill your pods up ahead of time and take them with you on the go.

If you are wondering where to buy empty Juul pods, you need to check out Blankz Pods. Even before the flavor ban went into effect, Blanks pods were offering Juul users the option to fill their pods with any e-liquid they wanted. Now that the ban is in effect, brands like Blankz Pods are the only option for vapers who want to keep using their Juul devices and enjoying flavored vapor.

Every Blankz pod has 2 small fill holes that are hidden by the pod’s mouthpiece. By removing the mouthpiece and a small plastic fill hole cover, users can add their e-liquids to their pods in only a moment. Each pod can hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, giving them over 40% more capacity than a Juul brand pod. This gives users more vapor per pod.

Not only do these pods help stretch out your pod life, but they can also help you stretch out your dollar. A pack of Blankz pods is only $12.50, a huge savings over the $15.99 cost of a four pack of Juul pods. Because of the increased capacity of a Blankz pod and the fact that they can be refilled up to 3 times, a single pod can vape as much e-liquid as an entire pack of Juul pods.

This means that, even when factoring in the cost of e-liquid, these pods can offer users amazing savings. Making the switch to Blankz Pods can help Juul users save upwards of 70% off the cost of buying Juul brand pods. If you typically go through about a pod a day, that savings can add up to over $1000 per year.  So if you want to know where to buy empty Juul pods, the answer is Blankz Pods. Visit their online shop at to see their full selection of pods, e-liquids, and Juul compatible batteries.


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