Are You Ready for the Cold Weather? Winter Car Care Tips


Winter and bad weather are coming, and it’s time to do some essential winter auto maintenance to ensure your car is ready for the season. Did you know automobiles run differently during the cold weather, and bad tires can put you at risk in icy or snowy conditions? So, it’s essential to hire a winter auto service in Puyallup to protect your vehicle from elements that cause greater wear-and-tear.

Check and Replace Oil

As cold weather makes the oil in your car run thicker, consider using engine oil with low viscosity during the winter months. Also, take your vehicle to your auto repair shop in Puyallup to get a fresh oil change to allow your car to run more reliably during winter.

Check Transmission

Schedule an appointment with the auto transmission specialist as cold weather can create additional wear on the transmission. You will also want to check the drive train if you have a 4-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Check the Tires

Before taking your car for a drive during the winter months, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Remember, old and worn tires lose traction in snow, ice, or heavy rain. Get an auto mechanic in Puyallup check your tire tread to ensure they have enough traction and check whether they have any damages. Replace your tires with quality all-weather tires if the tires are too old to repair.

Inspect Wipers and Fluid

The old and worn wiper blades and fluid can impair your visibility when there is heavy rain, snow, or ice. Make sure your wiper fluid is topped off, and replace them if you haven’t replaced them in a while.

Heating System

Before hitting your car on the road this winter, check whether the heater and defroster are working properly. Also, ensure that you have used the right mixture of antifreeze in the radiator to stay warm inside.

Check the Battery

Getting stranded on a cold winter day is the last thing you want. So, hire a car service in Puyallup to make sure that your car battery is clean and corrosion-free. Consider replacing the battery if it’s older than four years.

In addition to this, schedule regular winter car maintenance as cold weather can deteriorate the rubber on your hoses and belts. Replace the hoses and belts if you find soft spots, cracks, bulges, stretching, or loose connections

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