Are You Planning to Install Synthetic Turf? Here’s What You Need to Know

A big lawn takes both time and money to maintain, which makes it difficult to focus on other plants in your garden. This is when the artificial grass comes to the rescue. Synthetic grass is easy to maintain and can last longer if maintained well. However, when it comes to artificial turf, many are concerned about the synthetic grass installation cost SydneyBut, when you decide to cover your garden or outdoor space with artificial grass, the budget shouldn’t be a major concern.

Synthetic grass installation is nothing but a short investment, and if you want it to last longer, making the right choice is essential. Here are a few things to consider before synthetic grass installation Sydney:-


The amount of traffic in the area you wish to install artificial grass should be one of the first things you need to consider. If you have kids and pets who love to spend time outdoors, you’ll have to install highly durable turf.


Installing poor quality turf in the area that has heavy foot traffic will cause it to wear out quicker than it should be. So, it is necessary to make your choice depending on where and how you will be using the turf.

Of course, the quality synthetic grass installation cost Sydney would be expensive, especially if it’s a large backyard or garden, but it’s worth investing. It’s a long-term investment; you’ll be better off purchasing the best. However, it’s not that choosing a highly durable turf means compromising on comfort. Quality turf will have a soft and non-abrasive texture. Look for suppliers and manufacturers who have a range of products and compare the turf with each other to see what suits your budget and lifestyle.

Density and weight

The density of the turf is the measurement of the amount of fibre per square unit of the turf. So, the more dense the turf is, the more expensive. That said, dense synthetic turf provides the aesthetic appeal to the lawn and also more durable in heavy traffic areas. If you can’t afford it, don’t worry. There are durable, high-performance turfs with a lesser density that can be improved with sand infill. Moreover, the turf is dense and has a taller pile height will be heavier than the less dense turf. So the weight of the turf is something that should also be considered when you are planning to install synthetic grass.


Synthetic grass comes in a range of shades, including lime green, olive green, darker green and more. While cheaper turfs in come lighter shades that can be easily differentiated with natural glass, good quality turfs look as good as natural grass.

Undeniably, artificial turf can be a life-saver for those who want a beautiful lawn with less maintenance. All you need to do is choose the right one that suits your lifestyle.

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