Are you looking for a Pre-School? Here are the top six questions to ask

Choosing a preschool for your child is one of those vital decisions that can feel overwhelming. This is where your child would be spending his days for the next few years. Have no fear. We have come up with the top six questions to ask a preschool. Armed with these questions, you can ask the right questions and feel confident in making your final decision. Before you choose the preschool Inglewood for your child, you should see how the place looks like. In the end, a lot of questions will come to you, including, will this place work for my child? We suggest going with your gut, and it will serve you well.

1. How much experience and what’s the education of the teachers working in the Inglewood childcare centre? Is there a high turnover rate?

Education and experience both are crucial components of any effective preschool teacher. Besides, low turnover tells you that teachers are much committed to the school.

2. How involved are the parents?

As a parent, if you want to be uninvolved or involved in the childcare programs, it is vital to know the childcare better. Also, you should ask about the parents-teachers conferences. This will help you understand how the school will handle discussing with parents about any concerns regarding a child. Will you get a phone call, or will things be put up until the next parents-teachers conference.

3. What’s the average student to teacher ratio and class the size?

It is essential to know how many students will be in one classroom. However, the answer to this question will differ based on the age group of children. You should also take into account the students to teacher ratio because if there are more children and a few teachers, your child might lack getting individual care and attention.

4. What’s their Educational Philosophy and how they approach learning?

There are many educational philosophies when it comes to teaching children Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, and more. Whatever the kindergarten Inglewood follows, whether or not it is named after a specific educational theorist, make sure it makes sense for you and your child.

5. What’s the policy for taking care of injured children?

Emergencies and accidents might happen anytime, and you should know what the childcare will do. Besides, you also should know what the expectations for the child to return to school, after being with fever to prevent infection to other kids are.

6. What kind of play spaces do they provide?

Play is one important activity through which children learn. There should be enough space to play in. It is that simple!

The author owns a preschool Inglewood. He aims to promote the development of the whole child by focusing on collaborative play, cultural awareness, practical skills, compassion, and health. Visit for details.

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