Are You A Resident? Here’s Why You Need to Listen to Medical Podcast Regularly

Among all specialties and years of residency training, one of the most commonly heard from the residents is that there are not enough hours to get everything done as they juggle between personal and professional responsibilities.

Are you a resident who is desperately looking for ways to enhance your training? Well, medical podcasts are the way to go. A recent study shows that the best medical podcasts are the platform that time-crunched residents are turning to enhance their skills.

Despite the challenges of distracted and constrained listening, residents found medicine podcast to be an easily accessible and engaging learning medium. Here are a few reasons you need to consider listening to medical podcasts:-

Personalised Learning

Residents use podcasts as a personalised learning tool. In fact, the podcast medium offers a chance to reinforce concepts and offer exposure to new content. It will also help to fill self-identified gaps in their knowledge among senior and experienced residents.

Manage Stress

Medicine is a very rewarding and stressful job as well. Fortunately, medical podcasts are an effective stress management technique. You can learn, get to know more about medicine while you can relax. There are a variety of medical podcasts that offer many techniques that you can listen to from the comfort of your home or hospital or cafeteria or wherever. In fact, listening to a well-informative podcast can help you relax after a long, stressful day.

Make You Better Listeners and Bond with Patients

Listening to podcasts can help you get connected with your patients on a deeper level as it will make you as good listeners. You can engage well with your patients, friends, colleagues, and family. You can even speak to the patients about the medical podcasts you listen to. Podcasts help you learn the topics easily and are valuable as well. See, committing to listening to a podcast for at least thirty minutes a week can help you bond well with your patients as well.

Less Expensive

Collecting, organizing, and reading medical books may seem to be impossible, especially if you are a first-year resident. When it comes to the benefits of podcasts, listening to podcasts is a cost-effective way than buying textbooks. Medical podcasts have also been shown to improve educational performance. Studies show that, medical students had better academic performance when podcasts were used on live lectures.


Listening to podcasts offers the ability to multitask, which is not provided by other learning mediums. This is because podcasts require less mental energy as it will be more engaging and entertaining than traditional learning methods like textbooks.

Residents who regularly listen to podcasts find it beneficial and form a connection to the hosts and podcast contributors.

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