Are Waffles the Ultimate Breakfast Option in Colorado Springs?


Waffles are the ultimate breakfast option because of their crispy ridges and well-defined texture. In the long battle between the best breakfast in Colorado Springs, waffles always win! Waffles are more adaptable than pancakes and provide more space for optimal topping storage. Here we’ve listed a few reasons why waffles are considered to be the most preferred breakfast option in the family restaurants in Colorado Springs.

The Glorious Breakfast Treats

Waffles are considered to be one of the glorious breakfast treats because they can hold syrup and toppings better than pancakes. The square waffle texture of this breakfast item provides enough space for ideal syrup and toppings storage.

Goes Well with Other Delicious Delights

Waffles are more versatile than pancakes and can be combined with other delicious delights including, bacon, fried chicken, and more.

They Won’t Get Soggy Easily

Unlike pancakes, they won’t turn into a soggy mess quickly and are the ultimate brunch food while you enjoy chatting with your friend over some tea or coffee. It is also considered to be the perfect meal when you are on-the-go. For these reasons, Belgians enjoy waffles as their famous street food.

Easy to Make

Pancakes are unpredictable and fussy to make sometime. But, waffles are easy to make, and they can also be made out of just about anything. From rainbow waffles to brownie waffles, the possibilities are endless.

Chicken and Waffles Make the Best Combination

Have you ever thought of why you can always find a chicken and waffles joint throughout the country? Because they taste too good together! The mixture of the sweet, syrupy waffles and the perfectly fried savory chicken brings joy and takes you on a flavorful journey you can never forget.

Sharing is Caring

Waffles are the most common brunch option and are perfect for sharing. Due to its square pattern, you can easily tear them apart and share them with your friends and loved ones. You can even split them proportionately with ease.

How to Make Waffles a Healthy Breakfast?

– When you are ordering waffles for your breakfast, make sure they are made with whole wheat or whole grains to increase fiber and nutrients.

– Choose fresh fruit toppings such as strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.

– If you like high-calorie toppings like syrup, whipped cream or nuts, add them in small portions.

– For extra protein and veggie nutrition, add eggs and sautéed vegetables to it.

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