Are Socks a Good Incentive to Make Your Employees Happy?

Gone are the days when colourful socks are labelled only for children and eccentrics. Today,crazy socks are worn by professionals,particularly men in workplaces and boardrooms across Australia. In the past four years, the sales of brightly coloured and novelty socks have increased by 1000 per cent.

According to the leading formalwear experts,“Office workers are repressed and forced to wear plain suits and shirts to fit in. People need to express themselves, and since workplace neckwear is all but moribund, bright and patterned happy socks have become the worker’s Eureka stockade.” They also say that crazy socks are usually far from subtle, but wearing a pair is not a fashion crime.But, wearing crazy socks to the office is a modest way of rebelling against the formal nature of being in an office.

Moreover, the sales report from the leading online fashion retailer The Iconic indicates that they are achieving double-digit annual sales growth when it comes to “statement socks” across Australia and New Zealand, with peaks at “key gifting periods” like Father’s Day.

So, why not take it to your advantage to gift fun, novelty socks to your employees as a part of employee recognition programs?

Why Fun Novelty Socks are a Good Incentive?

Employee recognition and incentive programs don’t need to be expensive or complicated. Here are a few reasons how socks keep your employees happy and motivated at work.

– Crazy, fun socks are super functional as they can be enjoyed time after time. These are considered to be the apparel essential and rank high on the list of useful, functional gifts.

– Colourful, novelty socks don’t require a huge investment to put a smile on the faces of your employees. With a great range of styles and colours available, it’s easy to find styles that suit everyone in your team.

– Crazy socks are a great equaliser, and no one is too fancy or too corporate to wear them.

The employees feel truly special and accepted when a company gives opportunities to celebrate their personal interests within the workplace. If your employees are allowed to bring their fur babies, help them celebrate their pets with socks inspired by their favourite animals. You can also pick prints and patterns based on a particular hobby of your employee. Or allow your employees to choose their own pair of crazy kids knee high socks which they can take home for children to put a smile on their faces.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite crazy socks from a collection of bright & bold fun socks in cool designs that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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