Are Plantation Shutters a Good Investment?


Yes, when compared to other window treatments, plantation shutter is worth the investment. In fact, plantation shutters are one of the only window treatments that add value to your home. Whether you are renovating your bedroom or living room, adding custom-made shutters will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also increase the resale value. So, definitely plantation shutters are a good investment.

Here are a few reasons why these types of shutters are popular and why you should consider investing in it:-

Light control

The Norman Plantation Shutters are built with panels that can be tilted opened and closed which allows you to filter in as much or as little as you need to. The flexibility these types of shutters give you is wonderful. If you have multiple panels, you can choose how many panels to open or close.


One of the best options of using plantation shutters is that you can adjust the shutters to let the air in. If you love to have your windows open, they do not make a noise like shades and other window treatments do. You can ventilate your home well.


While other window treatments offer privacy to some extent, there is no better option than plantation shutters when it comes to privacy. Just like you are able to control the amount of light you want inside your home and ventilation, you can also control the view you have out and the view others have it. Besides, the plantation shutters in Perth are thick enough, so they act as soundproof as well. So, the shutters can not only block out the view but also your neighbour’s dog barking sound at night.


While a drape can add drama to a room, shutters can make a statement and add a touch of elegance to space. Shutter won’t tell you to look at them; instead it allows you to appreciate them while seeing other focal elements that want to be seen in the room like art, lighting, furniture etc. If you add shutters to the front of your home, it enhances the curb appeal of your house as they look elegant and neat.


Plantation shutters can be customised according to your needs. It can be made with bi-fold doors or by-pass doors for sliding glass doors. It can be customised to fit in arches and windows of any shape and size.

These are some of the significant reasons why investing in shutters in Perth is worth it. They are a permanent addition to your home, so don’t rush while choosing it. Consider the factors like your budget, requirements, and home decor when purchasing the shutters.

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