Are Carnations Good Wedding Flowers?

Carnations can play a great role when it comes to wedding flower decoration. These beautiful flowers express joy, affection and love. They are versatile and can be used in any type of decorations. They are perhaps the most classic flowers that complement any wedding design. Their round shape and frilled edges heighten the look of any floral arrangement, and their scent is lovely. You can use carnations in bouquets and arrangements to enhance various other flowers to bring a lush look to your wedding. With all the new colors, shapes and sizes available, they’re not your grandmother’s flower any more.

Here are some suggestions from the expert florists at the flower shops in Lafayette CO, on how to use carnations at a wedding.

Bouquet of Carnations

A beautiful bouquet made from carnations in your theme color, mixed with white orchids and some lush greenery, offers an elegant and pleasant look. This classy look is great for a garden themed wedding.

Stylish Reception Entry

The reception entry area should be set up with the right floral arrangement and lighting to offer an eye-opening setting. You can use pink, white, purple, red or yellow carnations to decorate the entry area. Avoid using flashy lights, as it will hide the natural beauty of the flowers. To decorate the entry space with the freshest of flowers, get flowers from the experts who offer a same day flower delivery Lafayette CO.

Carnation Backdrop

To make the backdrop of the wedding reception look magnificent, choose a romantic color combination of carnation flowers. Let the flowers dominate the backdrop. This will look very unique, attractive and good for photos. If your wedding theme should have a royal touch, create a backdrop with white carnation flowers, red roses and orchids. This arrangement is sure to amaze everyone. It also adds a refreshing touch to the entire event. You can get the freshest of these flowers from the florist who offers same day flower delivery in Lafayette CO.

Table Centerpieces

Nice small bouquets of unique carnations and greens look great on dining tables, and offer a pleasing touch that is sure to win everyone’s attention. If your wedding is indoors, you can pair up carnations with candles to add a touch of luxury to the décor. You don’t have to worry about using carnations and roses for indoor decorations, as they will stay fresh for a long time. Steal your guests’ hearts with these beautiful flower arrangements.

Using beautiful carnations can make your wedding reception very special. Include the above mentioned arrangements to make your reception look great. You can easily get carnations and creative centerpieces through flower delivery Lafayette CO. Get them, and decorate your reception in style!

The author is a florist who offers flower delivery Lafayette CO. He is also a blogger who writes on the floral decorations for events. Visit for more details.

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