Apex Legends Freezing on PC? How to Fix the Issue

Anyone can get annoyed when the favorite game crashes during an interesting move. Apex Legends is one of the most popular and interesting games. Many gameaholics play it on their PCs. For a gamer, nothing is as annoying as the crashing and freezing issues on a PC, it is the favorite game of many but people complain that it most often freezes and crashes on their PCs. Even high-end PC users also complain that Apex Legends spoil the fun when it suddenly crashes. If you want to fix the issue, you can follow the instructions below.

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Common Issues Worth Looking at

If a game crashes, it can be the reason for your low-end PC and insufficient RAM on your PC. If your computer has not sufficient RAM, you can increase it up to 6 GB so that your computer works smoothly. The second reason behind the crashing and freezing of the game can be that you are not using the latest version of the game on your PC. In addition to both of these, you should get the latest processor changed. It can be a lot helpful to the speed of your PC. All these points are important to consider. If your problem does not come to end even after doing so, you can try out the quick fixes described below.

Update Your Graphic Driver

If your PC is generally made for gaming, you should pay special attention to your graphic driver. You can search for the best graphic card available and get them installed on your PC. If you want a smooth gaming experience. Updating your graphic driver can reduce the chances of crashing and freezing to a high extent.

Update Your PC’s Processor

Another point of consideration is that you should pay attention to your PC’s processor. It is the most important part of a PC. If you don’t have a modern processor on your computer, you may face several problems such as crashing, freezing, and slow performance of your PC. If your PC’s processor is not modern, you can install an older version of the game. As the old version can work with your old processor. If you want to play the latest version of the game on Your PC, we will recommend you to update your PC’s processor.

Check If the Corrupted Files don’t Exist on Your PC

Another reason for the crashes and freezing may be corrupted files on your PC. You can use the “Repair” toll in order to repair the problem. Various third-party apps can help you repair the corrupted files on your PC.

Reinstall the Game in Right Way

If your way of installing software or games is not right, you may face this type of problem frequently. The best thing to do is first uninstall the game and all its files from your PC and then properly reinstall the game. In order to uninstall, go to Programs and Features”, then choose “Uninstall”. Now you will see all the installed apps on your PC. Select Apex Legends and uninstall it. When all the components related to the Apex Legends have been uninstalled. Make sure that you have enough storage left on your drive, then re-install the game from the beginning. Doing so will fix the crashes and freezing issues.


Apex Legends is a popular game developed by Respawn Entertainment. It has garnered much popularity in the world of gaming. Many gamers say that the game spoils fun when it suddenly crashes. The ways to fix the crash and freezing issues have been shared above. You can apply the methods and see how great these work.

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