AngularJS essentially have five pillars

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web platform built on JavaScript that is primarily developed by Google and a consortium of individuals and corporations to solve many of the challenges facing the development of single-page applications.


Some essentially have five pillars of Angularjs:


 • Directives

 • Controllers

 • Scopes

 • Services

 • Injection of Dependency



The concept behind directives is to build your own HTML elements with custom functionality. Consider about how we write HTML pages: different tags are used to represent different behaviors: ‘ < a > ‘ link tags, ‘ < p > ‘ paragraph tags.

If we use HTML5, we may use new tags for audio or tags for a video player with ‘ < audio>. ‘


But what if we are going to write our custom tag with our custom features.



Angular controllers are used for the functional organization across a group of DOM components. (I’m only referring to a community of HTML tags when I say “DOM elements”). The idea is that we can organize our functionality into software modules and it helps to contain functionality in one place. It helps to maintain a plan as it expands. 



AngularJS uses scopes to communicate between components-particularly between JavaScript (in controllers) and our HTML (our “view”). The Scopes are the link between our codes.



Sometimes in our software, we need data to be distributed through different controllers. We use services in Angular to perform this feature. Services are singleton objects performing tasks common to multiple system areas. The AngularJS docs have a nice AngularJS service guide. 


Dependency Injection:-

Practically, dependency injection is a fancy term for how a particular part of the code gets its dependencies. Dependency Injection (DI) is analogous to’ require’ in node.js or ruby or’ import’ in Java. The idea is that we’re just declaring what kind of dependency we need.

This may not seem like a big deal coming from a language on the server-side, but the management of dependence on the client-side is a real pain.


Certification Of AngularJS:

Angularjs Certification is a formalized system that seeks to ensure that applicants have achieved an appropriate level of talent and have experience working as a professional Angularjs. 


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