An Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Wallpaper

Getting ideal wallpapers or wall murals in the UK transform your dull interior into something vibrant and new. But, they start showing signs of dust, stains, and grime sooner or later due to the lack of maintenance. So, here we’ve come up with the best cleaning techniques from our wallpaper specialist in London to keep your wallpaper clean and protected.

Pre-cleaning Tips

Before starting the cleaning process, check the instructions come with your wallpaper to find out whether it’s washable or scrubbable. You must also consider the cleaning agents you are going to use and how often you are planning to clean the wallpaper to maintain its shine.

– Spongeable: A damp sponge is used to dab away the excess fresh paste at the time of hanging. You should not try this once the paper is dry.

– Washable: Use a damp sponge or cloth to remove the light stains. But this will not work for heavy stains like grease, fats, or oils.

– Extra Washable: You can get rid of most of the stains using soap and sponge or cloth.

– Scrubbable: A mild cleaning agent and brush can be used to remove heavier stains.

– Highly Scrubbable: You can use a mild detergent or abrasive to remove dirt and all water-based stains. Oil and fat stains can be removed if scrubbed soon enough.

Vacuuming and Dusting

If there are no heavier stains in your wallpaper or wall murals in the UK, simply vacuum or dust it to remove the dirt or dust lingering over it.

– Vacuuming: It helps you to remove loose dirt and thoroughly clean wallpaper. All you have to do is to use the brush extension to gently clean the wallpaper from the top in vertical sections. Don’t press hard on the wallpaper using the brush extension as it may leave a mark on it which makes your wallpaper design look awkward.

– Dusting: For dusting, you can use a broom with a microfiber cloth and start sweeping the wall from side to side. Don’t forget to put a sheet over your furniture to protect them from falling dust and dirt.

Basic Wallpaper or Wall Mural Cleaning Tips

– Do your research to find out the cleaning agent you can use, how much pressure you can apply while cleaning the wallpaper, and more.

– Start cleaning from the top of the wall to the bottom in a side to side motion.

– If you are applying any water or detergent, remove dirt and dust using a vacuum or dusting method.

– Don’t clean the wallpaper using bleach.

– Try using the detergent on any hidden part of the wallpaper to ensure that it isn’t causing any damage to your wallpaper.

– Don’t use hard-bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning solutions as it may lead to peeling or stripping off of wallpaper and wall murals.

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