An Overview of Digital Dental Implants

Gone are the days when dentures were the only option to replace a missing tooth. Yes, today, we have several options to replace missing teeth. Dentistry has evolved a lot in the past years. One of the most amazing inventions in the dentistry is dental implants. Unlike dentures and bridges, digital dental implants Sydney offer realistic and long-lasting results. Although the cost is higher when compared to dentures, the benefits offered by digital implants outpace the all on 4 dental implants cost Sydney. Besides, when it comes to your oral health, digital dental implants cost shouldn’t be a major concern.

Tooth loss has other implications, but the most obvious is aesthetic. Missing tooth reduces the self-confidence and decrease the quality of life. The social and psychological effects of unsightly gaps should be taken seriously because your appearance affects the way you feel. Moreover, missing teeth can cause various oral conditions.

What are digital dental implants?

Digital implants are small-screw shaped structure made of titanium that is anchored into the jawbone surgically to hold the replacement teeth or crown, bridge, and dentures. Once the implant is inserted into the jawbone, the osseintegration process begins. It is when the dental implants fuse naturally with the bone and form a sturdy foundation to hold the crown firmly. Once the implant is fused and healed, the dentist will mount the replacement teeth onto them. The replacement teeth are designed to match the colour of your natural teeth which is why implants mimic the natural teeth.

The digital implants take advantage of modern technology that allows for a fully digital implant system. From planning and designing to implementation, the digital system allows for detailed analysis of every aspect of the planned procedure.

With digital implants, computerisation plays a significant role. By combining digital scanning with computer-aided implant technology, the implants are precisely placed without affecting the nerves and structure of other teeth.

Why consider digital dental implants Sydney?

Save time

Unlike conventional dental implants, most of the work is carried out before the surgery at the back end with digital implants. It is helpful during the planning stages. This, in turn, helps to predict the factors like trajectory, implant location, and accuracy. The placement part of the implant treatment is relatively straightforward that helps to save a lot of time. Yes, a conventional dental implant can take around 100 minutes to place whereas digital implants can be placed less than 30 minutes.


Traditional dental implants cost patients in recovery time as well. The gum is opened first, and then the implant is placed. Then, it is sewn up, and the patient is left to recovery. After several months, a new tooth is mounted on it. On the other hand, digital dental implants use state-of-the-art, computer-guided systems that allows performing minimally invasive procedure. It reduces recovery time and heals quickly.


Digital dental technologies not only make the surgery minimally invasive but also affordable for all. Time-consuming, invasive, and expensive bone grafting treatments are not necessary if you choose digital implants, saving your money in the long term.

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