An Overview of Common Caravan Problems

Like your car, caravans require regular maintenance for optimal performance. Based on the essentials that are included in the caravan and any upgrades you may have added, you will have to deal with both mechanical and electrical Mandurah Caravan repairs. Maintenance and repairs should be done by professionals, but it is also good that you educate yourself about the most common types of repairs so that you can make informed decisions.

Here is a list of common caravan problems

Dull lighting

Your caravan lights may begin to flicker and become dull or stop working overtime. It is a simple matter of replacing the bulb. While LED bulbs offer long life, you have to replace the entire light fixture. If the lights are not working throughout the vehicle, maybe it’s due to dead batteries. It is a good idea to have a backup ready to go in case of an emergency. If some lights are not working, but others do, there may be an underlying issue. Check all the circuits and fuses as well. If the bulbs are not working even after replacing the bulb, the problem could be with wiring. Electrical work is dangerous so let the Mobile caravan repairs Mandurah handle it.

Air conditioner repair

An air conditioner must be properly installed and fitted to ensure that it performs well and gets proper ventilation. Moreover, AC unit will lose approximately 10% to 60% of its refrigerant over time, based on your usage. Dirty air filter, frozen coil, refrigerant leak, faulty circuit breaker, damage in electrical connections and damaged fan blades are some of the reasons for air conditioner failure.

Leaking shower

Leaking shower exposes you to the risk of further damage to your caravan including, buckled flooring, rusting pipes, mould, and mild dew. For leaks under the shower, the problem is likely to be a cracked shower tray. However, leaks may also indicate a plumbing issue.

Damaged external panels

As you use the caravan, it will be exposed to the rain, road debris, sun, and more. Over time, it can cause damages to the exterior of the caravan. Minor damages like dents and scratches can be repaired. If the damaged panels could compromise the safety of your caravan, it is essential to get it fixed as early as possible.

Power Window Motor Failure

If your caravan is running on a failed window motor, one or two power windows would have stopped working. In such a case, consider replacing the failed mechanical parts of the caravan with the help of a professional caravan repair service.

Be it electrical repair or Caravan awning repairs Mandurah; call in a professional who is expertise in caravan repairs and service.

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