An Essential Guide to Nurture A Healthy Spine – Follow these 5 Tips


A healthy spine is necessary to maintain good health. You could experience a good quality of life when you take care of your spine. There are various steps you will have to follow on a daily basis to reduce pains and enhance the overall health of your spine. Follow these 5 tips provided by orthopedic doctors in Colorado Springs CO that are described below:

Have a Good Sleep:

Good sleep is important for optimum health. Getting a good night’s sleep on a daily basis will help your body to repair and refresh efficiently. Sleeping on your side will keep your body healthy. While some people have the habit of sleeping on their stomach, this could be detrimental as too much pressure would be exerted on the spine. Another benefit of sleeping on the side is that it reduces symptoms of sleep apnea. Make sure to purchase and use a good mattress that facilitates the right alignment for your neck.

Do Some Stretching:

According to orthopedic doctors in Colorado Springs CO, stretching your body helps with your overall spine health. Keeping your body flexible will be beneficial for your neck and back, while also allowing your body to maintain its joint function and range of motion. Stretching also makes your body less susceptible to injuries. Do some stretching every morning when you wake up, as this will help improve your spine health.

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Maintaining sufficient hydration of your body helps with the elasticity and fluidity in joints. The intervertebral disks usually experience loss of hydration, and as these spinal disks shrink, it leads to painful disk issues. Loss of fluid leads to the disk becoming brittle, called as Herniated disks. A herniated disk also leads to a form of back pain called as sciatica.

Adopt an Active Lifestyle:

Those who are not often physically active would have an increased risk of back pain. The best spine surgeons in Colorado Springs explain that staying active and keeping your body moving as much as possible is necessary to maintain a healthy spine. So, adopt a healthy activity on a daily basis such as exercising at the gym, biking, swimming, walking, and similar activities. Doing activities that combine strengthening, stretching, and aerobic activities is suggested for the back and neck.

Sufficient Back Support for Work:

Setting up the required ergonomics will reduce lots of stress on the lower and upper back. Hence make sure that your workspace that includes your laptop, computer, phone, and others is set up at the right height. Always use a chair that offers sufficient lower back support. Be seated in such a way that the knees should be at 90 degrees and your feet rests on the floor conveniently.

Following the aforementioned tips and adopting an active lifestyle will help you maintain a healthy spine. Also, pay attention to your dietary habits, as they have an impact on your spine health as well. Get in touch with a professional specialized in orthopedics in Colorado Springs CO, if you require more information or help.

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