All You Wanted to Know About Civil Services & Civil Service Examimation 2019 Edition

People who want to be an IAS, IFS, or IPS you need to know about the civil service and another examination process I will discuss the detail note about the civil services and their examination process. Now I want to tell some story about my the brother who attends civil service exams passed to become an IFS(Indian Foreign Service) officer. He studied in officer IAS Academy in Chennai. He shared many things about the civil service or IAS exam preparation and other stuff, now let’s jump into our content about the All You Wanted to Know About Civil Services & Civil Service Examination 2019 Edition.


In civil services, there are three post recruitments are available for your IPS(Indian Police Service), IFS(Indian Foreign Service) and IAS(Indian Administrative Service) civil service Exams are also known as UPSC Examination. It has three major phases of exams preliminary examination consisting of two type papers General Studies Paper 1 and General Studies Paper 2 and is also referred to as CSAT Exams or Civil Service Aptitude Test final exams is Personality Test which has face to face Interview. you need to pass all following exams to become an IAS or above mention officers. Its is not an easy task to pass the civil service exams and it is considered as one of the toughest exams in Indian


So you need Proper Guidance to archive this goal. For me, I will highly recommend joining in Any IAS Academy. If your life in Chennai you can join Officer IAS Academy in Chennai which is the no1 institute when comes to IAS or Civil Services Coaching in Chennai. This academy also has very good teaching staff and infrastructure .they have a high passing percentage compare to other institutes. if you searching for IAS Academy in TrivandrumIAS Academy in HyderabadIAS Academy in Bangalore.

Now let’s talk about the preparation for the Civil Service examination you need to cover almost all topics like politics, sports, economics, social service and mainly need to know about the current affairs so you must read the newspaper. It is recommended so many successful IAS, IFS and IPS Officers. Don’t want to waste time on Time management many of you about the time management technics.


Now talk about very important preparation called mental preparation you can ask what is mental preparation? now the answer in meditation if you don’t know much about the meditation, you can easily Google it or stream Youtube for more detail info, meditation will give so many benefits when it comes to preparing for exams you will have a very good focus and have high memory power.


We are at the end of this article, I hope you know about the All You Wanted to Know About Civil Services & Civil Service Examination 2019 Edition. Always remember this when you’re starting your preparation always includes meditation before your civil service preparation. thank you for reading this article I know how time is important to all of us in the world, once again thank you for reading this article.


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