Aftercare Diet for Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment

“Wisdom teeth,” also called as third molars, usually come in impacted or else unfit to stay in the mouth. Typically, this is a concern between the ages of 17 and 25. However, learning what to eat following the removal of wisdom teeth depends on the essence of the surgery and how the mouth responds to the extractions after the operation.

If there is active infection occurring in the form of unrepairable tooth decay, or if there are cysts, tumours or pathology present in the region around the tooth, surgeons suggest patients undergo wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Furthermore, if the adjacent teeth are damaged by an infected wisdom tooth, it is better to remove it rather than wait for it to cause bigger problems. To assess the areas of concern, the planning process usually starts with a dental X-ray.

Immediately Upon Removal

When you leave the dental clinic, what happens? When your wisdom teeth are eventually gone, what do you do? You have a little healing to do whether the teeth exploded through the gums or impacted within the bone (under the gum tissue). With wet gauze pressed softly against the places where the teeth were, patients normally leave the dental office with the intention of inducing a clot to slow the natural bleeding that occurs afterwards.

This clot is what gradually morphs into the healing tissue, covering the void in your gum and bone. But before removing it entirely, you will need to adjust the gauze; caution must be taken not to damage the clot itself. If this happens, a patient can encounter a dry socket, which is very awkward. For this reason, dental practitioners will advise you to avoid sucking movements caused by drinking through a straw and smoking, as the healing clot can actually be hindered by these acts.

What You Have To Avoid

During the cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, one or more types of anaesthetic agents can be used regardless of whether the oral surgeon puts you to sleep to remove your teeth. And it’s very important afterwards that you don’t eat hot foods or drinks when your mouth is still numb. Be conscious that during this period, it is often possible to bite your tongue, cheek or lips, so you should stay away from chewy foods until your sensation returns. Due to their potential for gum tissue damage, rough, excessively crunchy foods such as chips and hard pretzels, along with small sharp foods such as popcorn with hulls, should be put on hold. As you would imagine, to alleviate more discomfort, spicy foods should be avoided to the same degree.

What To Eat

Nutrition, especially water, is very important for the restorative process following dental surgery. Foods such as yoghurt, ice cream and cottage cheese are rich in protein and especially easy to chew and swallow, in addition to hydration. Fruit purees and applesauce are perfect ways to boost your fruit vitamin intake; just try not to use a straw.

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