Add a Little Flair to Your Office this Holiday Season with Seasonal Flowers


Flowers are the best decorative ornaments of Mother Nature, and they have become a staple for Christmas décor all over the world. From poinsettias to holly, there are many seasonal flowers that make corporate flower arrangements in Des Moines WA and turn your office into a festive winter wonderland. Holiday cheer goes a long way to set the mood from the front door to the welcome desk. You can include holiday floral arrangements in reception areas, conference rooms, offices, and more.

Here are a few seasonal flowers from the Des Moines WA florist that you can use to decorate your office.


During Christmas time, these pricky green leaves with vibrant red berries garnish can be used to garnish your workplace. The boughs of Holly can be used to decorate the hallway and can be hanged on windows. You can use it to embellish wreaths, garland, table settings, centerpieces, and more.


From snowy whites to candy stripes, these flowers come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you are placing a Christmas tree at your front office, you can make Christmas ornaments out of these fresh blooms.


Poinsettia is a definitive Christmas bloom and has been associated with the holiday season for a long time. Floral arrangements made with poinsettias is a perfectly festive holiday decoration for your office tabletop, and the green leaves and red blooms will look great after season too.


An emblem of eternal life, Ivy grows in an upward spiral and give tidings of joy to your clients visiting your office.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is the go-to alternative to a Christmas tree if your corporate office in a warmer climate. You can decorate it with beloved ornaments and can be placed in the reception, worktable, and more.


These red, bell-shaped flowers are available throughout the winter, making it the popular choice for decorating your office space this holiday season. It can be placed on your work table or reception desk to bring some extra comfort to your workplace.

Floral arrangement created using these flowers provide a splash of seasonal color on reception desks and in front offices. These arrangements can be given to the employees to take home over the holidays as a gift of appreciation for a job well done.

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