Informatica is the latest technology which is designed for the fresher to gain knowledge in this technology and place in top company. People who are getting trained in this technology will be taught from the basics to advanced Informatica.

What is the need of the ETL tool?

Most of the companies now a day are maintaining a large number of data from varied resources. Many companies are facing a lot of problems,

  1. Top companies in the city will have a large number of data which will be located in various structures in multiple databases.

  2.  All these data should be organized under one roof and should make them run, but most of the data won’t support to communicate well.

  3.  To resolve this problem many companies have implemented interface between the data’s though they have faced a problem

·         Most of the data’s ask for a unique database

·         In change of any database, all others will have to be upgraded

Steps in the ETL process

In this process, the ETL extraction is done where they used to get data from the heterogeneous or homogeneous sources, and it is finally loaded into the target database. This will be carried along with

·         Extraction

·         Clean

·         Transform

·         Load

Extraction – This is the first step in the ETL process as they will obtain the data from a resource and load it into the data warehouse; they normally do the extraction in 2 methods,

1. Full extraction – They will extract the entire data from the source and they won’t track further about the data.

2. Extraction in incremental – They will just track the data of the resource after the full extraction is done.

Clean – This process will carry the data which is coming from various pattern recognitions usually the errors like misspellings, incorrect usage of data, missing data would normally occur in this field. This will send the data to the next process by cleaning the data with multiple in multiple processes.

Transform – This is the most important and essential step in the ETL process, as they will convert the data from the source system to the data warehouse skeleton. This is a quite challenging step as it will take some time to convert all the data from one node to another node.

Load – This is the final step in the ETL process, in this we will assign the data which has been transformed to the data warehouse, this process would also take place in two methods,

  1.  Bulk load – They will extract the entire data from the source table and loads into the target data warehouse, this is a one-time job and it won’t occur for the second time.

  2.   Load by increment process – In this process only the modified data will be loaded to the target data warehouse without any existing data.

Features of Informatica ETL

There are lots of uses for the people through this ETL process but some of them are specified below,

·    They specify a large number of transformation rules with the help of GUI.

·   They used to generate programs for data transfer.

· Supports data extraction, clean, transforms from one node to another and also loading it to master data warehouse.

·   They used to generate programs for data extraction.

Along with this certification in Informatica technology is also important as it will help you to get placed in a good MNC company.

Certification in Informatica


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