A Useful Guide to Selecting & Donning Disposable Gloves

When people wear gloves, they sometimes won’t notice if it’s the right type for their use case. When purchasing black nitrile disposable gloves, one of the first things to ensure is that they fit properly and can be worn comfortably. For example, the main concern of a medical professional is to get sufficient protection from pathogens, contaminants, and other elements.

Similarly, someone working at food service should make sure that the food is clean and hygienic, while also protecting themselves from microorganisms that come from raw meat. Here are a few tips that you need to know for selecting the right gloves and using them the right way:

Choose the Right Size:

Disposable gloves are available in different sizes, so make sure that you’re getting the one that fits you. Choosing the wrong size gloves can compromise your safety, as it can tear or damage the same while using. Gloves that are too loose can cause problems with gripping, and gloves there are too tight would diminish hand flexibility.

Consider the Hazards in Your Workplace:

When looking to purchase powder free nitrile gloves, analyse and confirm that you’re buying the one that’s suited to the nature of the hazards in your workplace. Some gloves, for instance, would be highly resistant to chemicals compared to other types.

Some of such hazardous factors worth considering include toxicity, usage of sharp objects, temperature conditions, type of chemicals used, possibility of infections from biological hazards etc.

Donning Gloves Properly:

Now that you have chosen the right-sized gloves suitable for your work, the next thing you should know is how you must put them on properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

– Do not place your disposable nitrile gloves on an unclean surface before use for preventing contamination. Similarly, if you work in a laboratory setting, do not place them on a surface that is in contact with harmful chemicals.

– If you wear jewellery on your wrists, remove them first and wash your hands before donning your gloves. Hand washing is highly recommended because pathogens and other hazardous elements from unclean hands can get inside the gloves, thus defeating the purpose. So, if you are a medical professional, this not just protects you, but also your patients at the same time.

– When you are absolutely sure that both your hands and workplace are clean, you can wear your gloves. Do not touch the outer portion of the gloves as you are wearing it. Start by wearing the glove on your dominant hand and pull it in with your other hand. Now use your gloved hand to put on the other one, while only touching the inside of the glove.

– Adjust both the gloves for a proper fit before you start working.

If you still need help in choosing or buying black nitrile gloves, talk to a reliable supplier today and they will help you out.

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