A Guide to Newborn Photography Styles

Are you considering a newborn photography session but not sure about the style? The newborn photography Sydney session is an important part of the preparation of your little one’s arrival. You’ll have only a few months of time for those precious moments to be captured. In fact, you’ll be amazed and exclaimed that they change and grow quickly. Now that you have decided on the newborn photography session, the next thing is the style. Yes, what newborn photography style would you like to do? Let’s start with the two most popular styles of newborn photography Sydney:-

Posed & Styled Newborn Photography

This type of newborn photography style involves posing your newborn with cute props and calm backdrops. These are the pictures that you usually see on social media – a picture of a baby sleeping in the basket or something else with backdrops and props. Some parents might be very creative, and they would like to have pictures of their little in different poses. If you are aiming for posed and styled newborn photography style, then it is recommended to schedule the session about a week or two after birth as the newborn can be moved around easier in this stage. It can be difficult after this stage because you can expect less sleep and more movement during the session.

It is essential to check the newborn photographer’s portfolio or gallery to see whether you like their posed styles or not. In most of the sessions, wraps are used in baby photo shoots. At the same time, some tend to wrap the babies from neck down to toes, while others love to expose little arms, legs, and bellies. Also, check for the props that are used in the photographer’s portfolio.

Do you like the babies posed on the piano or some other props? Or would you like to see your little one in baskets? You can also have some family portraits during the photo session.

Candid & Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Candid is something completely different from the posed style. Instead of posing the babies, the pictures are captured as-they-happen without any setup or direction from the photographers. This style captures those sweet moments that happen between you and your baby that you will cherish. Moreover, family photos also work well in this style, especially when there are siblings involved. Siblings would love to spend time with their brother or sister, and it is essential to document the love they share with each other.

The session will be completely relied on natural light in a lifestyle shoot. However, occasionally the session will be supported by portable lighting equipment. Things you need to consider, is there much natural light in the room? Is there enough space for the photographer? Can the room be decluttered? In general, a lifestyle photo shoot consumes less time than the posed ones.

No matter the style you choose, check the portfolio of the best baby photographer Sydney and see whether you like their styles before you hire them.

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