A Guide to Keeping Your Food Processing Facility Clean

The FDA, OSHA, and even insurance companies can levy hefty penalties on companies that fail to keep their employees and food safe. The biggest challenge the food processing facilities experience is the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. Industrial cleaning requires different cleaning requirements, and it differs from one facility to the other. One of the best ways to meet compliance requirements to ensure both food and worker safety is to take a holistic view of industrial cleaning processes. So, what steps can you take to keep your food processing unit clean?

Cultivate a clean culture

Maintaining a clean facility is not just your job. Yes, it is the job of everyone who walks through the doors, no matter they are in the office or work on the factory. Of course, professional industrial floor cleaner can help you keep your facility clean, but you should work together to keep the facility clean and free from germs.

The first step you need to take to keep your facility clean is to cultivate a clean culture. Get everyone in your facility involved. Your employees should feel comfortable to report spills, possible contamination and other cleanliness problems so that you could take necessary action. Cross-contamination in a food factory is a serious issue to deal with. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Personal Hygiene matters

If your production process involves human employees, the chances are high that the product can become contaminated. Reinforcing the necessity for personal hygiene is essential as it can help reduce the chances of contamination by keeping your workers safe and clean as well.

Train your workers on personal hygiene and its importance. For example, washing hands after every work are critical. But, it is often neglected. Educate them good hand washing procedures as it can help to prevent cold and flu germs inside the facility. You need to ensure every employee wears gloves, hair and beard nets, shoe booties, and other coverings to reduce the possibility of contamination.

Clean and sanitise the food processing area

When it comes to the maintenance of your food processing facility, keeping all the machinery and equipment clean and sanitised is essential. However, some equipment is not designed to disassemble and sanitise separately. Besides, it can be tricky if there are crevices where food particles can get stuck and encourage bacteria growth. This is one of the significant reasons why you need to hire industrial cleaners who are specialised in food factory cleaning and sanitisation.

The unclean production line can cost you a lot of money. So, keep your facility clean to ensure your facility is running smoothly. Hire industrial cleaners like ecowize Australia understand these differences as well as adhere to environmental protection standards.

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