A Guide to Granite Finishes

It is no wonder granite is one of the most versatile and beautiful natural stone available. In fact, granite is an excellent building material for building a home and it is quite popular as well. The granite slabs Sydney are often used in kitchen and bathroom countertops, sills, walkways, floorings, walls, and in some cases, outdoor living spaces. It gives more sophistication and elegance to the home.

While granite comes in a range of shades and styles available in granite, it is available in different finishes. There are three popular types of granite finishes for countertops, benchtops, and flooring. This guide will help you understand the difference between each finishes and how it will impact the appearance and functionality of your countertop, floorings, etc.

Different Types of Granite Finishes

Honed Granite

Horned granite, also called matte, has a very smooth surface without any reflection or gloss. Yes, this type of granite slabs are polished but not to an extent of the polished ones. In order to achieve this finish, the stone polishing finishing ends before it is buffed to create a flat finish, which is called satin finish. This type of finishing is a popular choice for flooring to prevent people from slipping on the slippery surface created by polished stones. Moreover, honed granite slabs can also be used on countertops. But, it makes the slab more susceptible to staining. Since they are honed, you might want to reseal the stone frequently.

Honed granite is granite that has undergone the polishing process, but not to the extent of polished granite. As a result, honed granite does not have a shiny surface like polished granite does, but rather more of a matte appearance. Many homeowners have come to desire honed granite because the surfaces look more natural than other finish options. Additionally, because honed granite does not have a glossy finish, the surfaces are better at hiding any imperfections.

However, some feel that honed granite finishes do not emit the natural shade and texture of the stone like the polished ones.

Polished Granite

Polished finish is one of the most common choices for countertops. The polished granite slabs make the surface of the countertop glossier and gives a mirror-like appearance. The characteristics of the stone are highlighted with a polished one when compared to honed ones. Than other finishes, polished ones are easier to clean and maintain. Since the polished granite slabs are sealed, the stone doesn’t absorb water and keep the moisture out of the stone.

Leathered Granite

Leathered granite has a more textured appearance than honed and polished ones. The style has become popular over the last few years. Leathered finished granite is an excellent choice if you want more of a rustic look to your granite countertop. It will show more depth than other type of finishes. It exhibits the natural characteristics of the stone and also helps to hide smudges, scratches, stains, and fingerprints.

Whether you are looking for granite slabs or marble slabs Sydney, speak with your granite supplier Sydney to pick the right material for your countertop.


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