A Guide to Getting Car Loans

Are you a first-time car buyer and looking at applying for car loans in Sydney? Buying a vehicle is a major decision and is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, second to the real estate. While paying in cash would be ideal, most of us have to take a loan to pay for the car due to various reasons.

When compared to earlier times, buying a car has now become easier. Thanks to the financing schemes offered by the banks and the car finance company in Sydney. Getting a bank loan for financing your vehicle is easy as you would find the representative inside the car showroom. They can walk you through the process and help you get a loan. If you are eligible, you can get up to 80 – 90% of the cost of the vehicle as a loan. But, many end up taking car loans at a high-interest rate which can result in higher monthly instalments.

But, don’t fret; we are here to help you.

Set a budget

Before you rush in and apply for a car loan, determine how much you can afford and set a budget. You wouldn’t want to end up paying more than you could afford. Analyse your income and figure out how much you can repay every month. Always keep in mind that just because you are eligible to borrow a certain amount for your dream vehicle, it doesn’t mean that you should. It is a good idea to save for a down payment as it can help negotiate your car loan and also give you a shorter loan term.

Am I eligible for a car loan?

Yes, if you are above 18, an Australian citizen or permanent citizen and have a regular job or source of income. While some lenders have set limited lending criteria, others may require additional criteria to be eligible for getting a car loan. However, it is always a good idea checking with the car finance Sydney Company directly.

Where can I get a car loan?

You can get car loans from financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, P2P lenders, and car financing companies. Most of the dealerships have a tie-up with a car financing company, and they will also be able to offer you a loan.

What do I need to know about car loans?

There are several key components that make up a car loan, including the interest rate, the loan period, the repayments, other fees and charges, the flexibility of the loan, and the lender. Make sure you shop around, compare all the options, and choose the best that suits your budget.

Build your credit history

Check your credit history before applying for a loan. Having a good credit history is the key to getting a car loan. In fact, it makes the car loan process hassle-free. Pay your credit history by paying bills on time.

Buying your dream car can be exciting and enthralling. But, it can also be challenging, especially with a bad credit history. Research well and choose the right loan to get your car.

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