A Brief Guide to Indian Restaurant Menus

Indian cuisine is one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. It is a blend of spices, sweets, vegetables and meats that can take your palate on a tasty trip. If you search for the best Indian restaurant Vancouver, you will be able to see several dishes served. Sadly, some people do not know their way around Indian menus so they do not know what to order.

This is a simple guide to the Indian menu so that you can order from the best Indian restaurant Vancouver, you will find it easier to make a choice. This is a breakdown of some of the common terms in the menu that can guide you in making a choice.

Curry: This should be the easiest to grasp since it is an English word, though sometimes people may confuse it with curry powder. Curry is gravy of any kind, so chicken curry would be chicken gravy. So, the next time you see any kind of curry in an Indian restaurant menu, know that it is gravy and not the kind of curry in other Vancouver restaurants.

Masala: This is a blend of spices into a tasty dish. Masala is what defines most Indian dishes. You may see something like “goat masala” this would be a spicy goat meal.

Tikka: It simply refers to small pieces. If you want your chicken in cubes, then ordering the chicken tikka would be a great choice. This is one of the favorites for most people. When playing it safe with Indian food Vancouver, chicken tikka masala would be the way to go.

Naan: This is the Indian flatbread, it is common in many cuisines from the east. Usually, you order this with curry and masala in which you can dip the naan and eat. Naan is cooked in an Indian oven called Tandoori.

Paratha: This is also a flatbread but it is cooked in a pan. It is fried dough and may have yogurt or butter in it.

Biryani: It is rice that is fried with a lot of spices and some meat. You could have chicken biryani, goat biryani or even some kind of vegetable added to it. Biryani is full of flavor and may be cooked with yogurt, butter or ghee.

Chai: This is the Indian name for tea. Tea can be prepared in different ways. A tea worth trying out is tea masala. This is spicy tea. Different spices can be put into a tea to make it almost heavenly.

Lassi: Do not mistake this for chai, even if they are both drinks. Chas is usually taken after a meal and is made from buttermilk.

These are just the basics that you need to master to be able to choose a great Indian dish or drink from the menu.

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