6 Health Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

Several people experience the problem of missing tooth caused by different reasons. Tooth loss isn’t a simple problem, as it eventually leads to a multitude of issues on your dental health. This is why you shouldn’t delay in fixing it. Fortunately, effective dental solutions such as dental implants in Sydney can replace your missing tooth and give back the health and functionality of your smile. Here are some adverse impacts of missing teeth that you need to know:

Teeth Shifting:

You may already know that our teeth are attached to the jawbone. However, it is possible for them to shift gradually over time due to problems such as tooth decay and gum recession. This can get even worse when you have one or more missing teeth. The wide gap created can cause the adjacent teeth to shift and move faster, which further leads to bite problems.

Loss of Bone Density:

If you take too much time to replace your missing tooth, it would lead to bone loss. Your teeth are responsible for maintaining the health of your jaw bone. When one or more teeth is missing, it is possible for the jawbone to become atrophied. When titanium dental implants in Sydney are placed in position, it not just supports your jawbone but heals and grows enough bone density as well.

Chewing Problems:

Based on the location of your missing teeth, you would be facing difficulties in chewing food on a daily basis. If your front teeth are missing, you may find it really hard to bite and break down food. Similarly, it would not be easy to grind up foods if you have a missing back tooth. Improper chewing of food will further lead to digestion problems and acid reflux.

Speech Issues:

You might not know this, but your teeth play a huge role in speech. Missing teeth or gapped tooth will cause issues in pronunciation. Replacing it with Sydney dental implants not just brings back your smile, but restores your speaking abilities too.

Change in Facial Structure:

Your teeth determine the structure of your face. Failing to fix your missing teeth problem can alter your face and make it appear tired and sunken. This is mainly caused by the loss of jaw bone density. Dental implants will definitely prevent the same by instigating proper jaw bone growth.

Bite Irregularities:

Missing teeth cause bite irregularities, which goes on to impact your adjacent teeth, jaw muscles, gums, as well as your neck & head. This is also the reason why people experience headaches, tooth sensitivity, muscle ache, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Now that you realise the problems associated with missing teeth, don’t wait too long to get it replaced. Contact an implant professional today and opt for dental implants to prevent the aforementioned health problems. They will explain more about the procedure, dental implants cost in Sydney, recovery, and anything else you need to know.

The article reveals the common health problems caused missing teeth. The write-up is written by an experienced dentist offer several dental treatments including dental implants in Sydney for patients. Visit https://www.drpaulopinho.com.au/

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