5 Ways a Ticketing System Improves Customer Service

One of the things that defines the success of a business is good customer service. Keeping your existing clients happy is as important as gaining new clients. It’s pretty easy for customers to switch brands when they are not happy with the experience.

Customers usually expect a prompt response to queries and complaints, and businesses should be capable of delivering solutions at soon as they can. Now that’s what a cloud CRM or ticketing system is for! A good CRM and ticketing platform is built with customers’ best interests in mind. Here’s how an advanced ticketing system can improve customer service:

Timely Response to Queries:

Customers raise their queries or concerns through their preferred communication channel such as emails, phone calls etc. Regardless of where the messages are coming from, a ticketing system will automatically create tickets to keep customer service agents updated. This way, agents, or even the system, can easily prioritise tickets based on the nature of the query and respond to the customers as soon as possible.

Self Help:

A majority of customers would want to get answers to their queries quickly, so keeping them on hold for a few minutes will only frustrate them. With a 24/7 self-help portal, they can easily get answers from a pre-set knowledge base, raise tickets when necessary, and check the status of the same. This will also make the process easier for customer service agents, as they simply have to look at the tickets and respond to the most urgent ones.

Improve Employee Productivity:

An efficient ticketing and cloud CRM platform not just benefits your customers, but also keeps your agents happy and productive. With calling, ticketing, emailing, and contact management accessible within a single login, your agents will experience great convenience at work. Other features such as customisable templates for email answering, skill-based call routing, automated ticket creation and processing will help your agents improve their overall productivity.

Detailed Statistics and Reports:

The best support ticketing system can generate detailed reports that can be analysed by the supervisors. This gives them an insight on the business operations, customer queries, and your agent’s workload & individual performance. Adequate coaching can then be provided to the customer support team members when necessary, even if they are located miles apart.

Automate Tasks for Faster Resolutions:

If your customer is still waiting on an order to be delivered, they can raise a query for it, and tickets will be automatically generated by the system. Hence, your agents don’t have to spend time manually creating tickets. Similarly, if a customer has not yet received their refund, the agents can respond to them and forward the customer’s details to the relevant team at the same time in just a few clicks.

Using a powerful customer support software & ticketing system is definitely a step forward in attaining superior customer satisfaction. Talk to a service provider offering these advanced tools that make your business stand out.

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