5 Tips to Help You Buy Weed Online


It is now legal to buy and sell weed in Canada. But before you rush to buy weed online in Canada, there are probably some tips you need to take note of.

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, even the shady characters are now online selling pretty much the same thing and you may not be able to recognize them so before you attempt to buy weed online in Canada, here is some important advice.

Get Familiar with the Laws

Yes, Marijuana is legal, but still, there may be particular laws that govern its purchase, sale, and use. Be sure you know where your province stands on cannabis. You do not want to end up in a situation where you paid for delivery but it gets confiscated because it did not meet particular guidelines. Or you may order way more than is permitted in the area you are in.

Read Reviews

Before you mail order marijuana in Canada, you need to find the right merchant to purchase from. Just like any online store, you need to know what reputation they have. Check and see if there may be any complaints about the merchant, what people think about the product and any other information that will help you make a buying decision. Word of mouth is important.

Local Suppliers are Better

Even though restricting yourself to local suppliers will mean you have less choice, it is a better option since you can choose to pay on delivery and you can pay cash instead of using credit cards and in advance. There is still a degree of mistrust of people who sell weed and until they can prove to be trustworthy, reasonable caution is advisable.

Stay Away From Craigslist

Now unless you are looking for some bad weed, Craigslist is the last place you want to be buying your marijuana from. Stick to reputable merchants on reputable platforms. Go ahead and do your research about the source of the marijuana and since it is legal, there is a regulatory body that can verify if the weed being sold is indeed safe and what they say it is.

Protect Personal Information

Just like with any online transaction, you need to be careful about the amount of personal information you are giving out and who you are giving it to. If a site seems to be asking for too much personal information, you probably should stop the transaction right there and look for another. Naturally, though you can expect them to try and verify your age, that does not require extra information about you.

Marijuana is now legal, but that does not mean everyone is going to be carrying out the sale in a legal way so you need to be alert to avoid being cheated.

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