5 Things a Bride Can Learn on Hens Night

The hens night is not just an opportunity to have fun with friends on the last night of freedom. It is also an opportunity for the bride to learn a few things from her friends. Some of these things may be useful, and some are just silly but still worth learning.

When you plan hens night games, choose a few that will help the bride in her new life as a wife. Here are some lessons a bride to be may need to learn.

How to Cook?

Even if the bride already knows how to cook, there is always a new recipe that she can learn and it may be what makes her husband love her even more. Having a cooking class as part of the night’s activity can prove very helpful. Sharing recipes and improving a few can be fun and the bride may be very thankful later in her married life.


The bride and her friends may enjoy a dance class as part of the hens night activities. This would come in handy if they decide to perform a routine at the wedding reception. Some of the common dance classes in Australia include:

– Twerking

– Salsa

– Hip Hop

The dance class could just be for fun, or to ensure that at the wedding you can all confidently step onto the dance floor without any worries that you might be stepping on your dance partner’s toes.

Mix a Cocktail

Do you wish to reassure yourselves that you are not just a group of alcoholic hens? Well, try teaching the bride how to mix cocktails, there are cocktail mixing classes in Australia that would be just perfect for a hens night and you would be able to drink the cocktails after as well as during the lessons. It is fun, but the skill may come in handy the next time the bride hosts her friends in her new home.

How to Drink Wine?

You would be surprised how many “hens” drink wine all the time but do not really know how to drink wine. The hens night is probably the best time to ensure the bride and her entire entourage learn to drink wine. Order some hens night sashes and head to a wine tasting class. There is a lot more to drinking wine than just getting drunk. A wine tasting class is also an excuse to enjoy different types of wine. After the class, you can all put what you have learned into practice in a bar.

Bake a Cake

This is different from cooking, the bride can learn how to bake her own wedding cake. If there is a friend, who knows how to do this, then you are in luck, you do not have to pay for a baking class, however, you can pay the baker who will be making the wedding cake and then you can all participate in baking the cake while learning at the same time.

There is a lot more that can be learned on the last night of freedom but since it should be a night of fun, there is no need to have too many lessons.

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