5 Simple Winter Care Tips for a Flawless Hair

Taking care of your hair during winter requires a different approach compared to summer or spring hair care. During the cold winter months, your hair loses moisture and gets relatively dry. The harsh weather and frosty wind would lead to different hair problems such as dry scalp, split ends, hair loss, dull colour etc. So, how to keep your hair flawless and healthy during this season? Here are a few simple tips provided by the hair care experts at a leading hair salon in Albuquerque that will help you out:

Don’t Go Out with Damp Hair:

You might have heard countless times that washing your hair in the mornings is good. Not during winter! The nature of water is such that it expands on freezing, which eventually leads to hair breakage. Instead of taking morning showers, wash your hair in the evening. You can also dry your hair with safe drying techniques that doesn’t involve too much heat.

Stay Away from Heat Styling:

As mentioned above, styling your hair with too much heat can lead to damage, especially when it’s already exposed to frost and wind. Experts at a hair salon in Albuquerque suggest air drying to maintain the necessary moisture in your hair during the cold months. Not to mention avoiding curling iron at this time. A professional hairdresser can suggest you some great winter hairstyles that suits you best.

Reduce Shampoo Usage:

While shampoo really helps to keep your hair clean, what also happens is that it washes off the natural hair oils at the same time. This is why hair stylists in Albuquerque recommend not to use shampoos on a daily basis, particularly during the winter season. Using hair shampoos twice a week is ideal to keep your hair well moisturised and clean. This won’t make your hair go too dry, as sufficient natural oils are retained.

What You Eat Matters:

Consuming nutritious diet is quintessential for a healthy hair during winter. Vitamin C is great for keeping your hair healthy, as it prevents split ends and free radical damage. Also incorporate Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet for a shiny hair and healthy hair growth. Other recommended diet options include salmon, sardines, soybeans, cod liver oil, walnuts, chia seeds and more.

Stay Hydrated:

Your hair gets dull and dry when its moisture content is depleted. Keeping yourself constantly hydrated helps maintain a healthy hair. Besides moisturizing your hair using different hair products, always remember to hydrate yourself from within, regardless of the season. In fact, drinking sufficient amounts of water enhances your whole body health.

Following these simple hair care tips will help you to keep your precious locks gorgeous and shiny throughout winter. Need more help? Talk to a professional hair and makeup artist in Albuquerque today!

The author is working in a recognized hair salon in Albuquerque for more than 3 years. She explains some useful winter hair care tips for their readers in this write-up. For more details, visit https://christopherjamessalon.com/

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