5 Reasons to Serve Canapes for Your Event

Canapes are inarguably the best snack to serve at an event. They come in different variants, look appetising, and are easy to consume as well. Be it a family or corporate event, canapes can definitely leave an impression amongst your guests.

Just in case you didn’t know, canapes are small pieces of bread, pastry, or cracker that is topped with different ingredients or foods. Here are 5 reasons why serving canapes, with the help of a catering Surry Hills service, for your next event is a good idea:

Customised to Your Needs:

A great advantage of canapes is the versatility it offers to everyone. When you hire a catering Redfern company, they will be able to customise the food and ingredients depending on your guests’ preference. It could be completely vegan, or a combination of meat and vegetables. The possibilities are endless! Catering to people’s varying needs is easy with canapes.

Budget Friendly:

When it comes to food, it is possible that you’d exceed your prescribed budget. The good thing about canapes though, is that it doesn’t always have to be served as a side dish. Different kinds of canapes are also served as part of the main course as well. They are tasty, fulfilling, and budget friendly at the same time.

Visually Appealing:

Another great reason to serve canapes is that they simply look great. Presenting canapes amongst a range of other foods will add elegance to your event and attract your guests. canapes are not as easy to prepare as you think, which is why hiring a reliable catering Parramatta service is always recommended. Besides the culinary skills, they also know how to present food in a way that makes it look and taste best.

Easy to Serve and Clear:

Another benefit of canapes is that they can be easily served to your guests without fuss. They can be quickly arranged before the event starts and also be easily cleared up when all your guests leave. For those who’d like to keep it simple, canapes are evidently a great choice.

Many Flavours in One:

Canapes feature a crunchy base, a packed mid layer, and various toppings that bring in a burst of flavours in a single bite. This makes for a complete dining experience for your guests. Canapes are a small snack, yet the multiple flavour content it has, can make them pretty fulfilling for you.

As mentioned earlier, canapes are small and easily digestible. It is not too heavy and not too light either. It provides the experience of a complete cuisine, thanks to the versatile flavours. Talk to a reputable catering Sutherland Shire company and see what kind of canapes do they offer for you. Be sure to hire an expert who can customise according to your requirements.

The author is an experienced caterer working in a recognised catering Surry Hills company for over 4 years. In this article, he explains some of the benefits of serving canapes at an event. For more information, visit https://www.spitroastcaterer.com.au/

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