5 Reasons for Tile Roof Leak

Tile roofs are primarily known for their durability characteristic, alongside beauty and ability to enhance the curb appeal of multiple homes. If properly maintained from time to time, these tile roofs can last for more than a century. These tile roofs are pretty expensive because of hard work gone while installing it. But when you consider any potential lifespan, this expensive cost seems quite reasonable. Then why do you need Roof Restoration Melbourne sometimes? It is when the roof starts to leak.

Before you call contractors to help you with a roof leak, understand why such situation took place. There are five reasons, jotted down, which result in tile roof leakage.

Any failure in flashing:

Flashing forms a significant part of the roofing system. It keeps water flow away from the deck of the roof and onto tiles, from where it can drain quickly. While installing this portion, it is vital that the flashing is lapped with tile and underlayment. If leaks start to take place due to poorly installed practices, it is essential to remove some tiles before replacing it. Then, you have to re-install the tiles, which are quite some work. 

Broken tiles can cause similar problems:

Roof tile forms the outer roofing layer, which works as a covering for underlayment. It is the underlayment, which protects your place from any water intrusion. So, if you are missing any tile or broken any; it becomes easier to spot the damage. You have to take a quick look at the roof regularly. It helps in preventing further damage from taking place. A missing or damaged tile can cause air to filter right into the ventilation system.

Some missing screws:

Roofing screws are highly responsible for most of the leaks on metal roofs mainly. So, if you own tile or metal roof, you need to keep numbers of Roof Restoration experts in Moorabbin handy. These metal roof screws are designed to seal water out with the help of rubber washer, located at the base on the screw head. Whenever that screw is pressed into the metal roof panel, the rubber washer will work more like a gasket between screw head and roofing panel. Many things can go wrong at this stage, resulting in unwanted water leakage.

Leaks in the vents:

These roof vents are mostly used for expelling excess moisture and heat for limiting the risk of mould formation inside your home. If the vent has any leak around its base, then there will be some dark spot formation around the same area. It creates a musty smell. Fixing any roof venting issue is a robust process but not impossible. You need one pry bar to release the seal on any connecting tile. You can then replace the flashing or the vent if it is damaged.

Loose cap tiles:

Even though mainly adhered with nails and mortal cement, with passing the time and movement, the cap tiles start to break loose from adhesive. Without proper attention, the cap tiles will be separated from the roof entirely. It might cause potential damage to the entire system and even cause water leakage. 

So, whenever you are facing water leakage, make sure to contact roofing contractors now without wasting time. They know the tricks to help you and restore your broken roof into its original shape and value. 

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