5 Popular Hens Night Decorations

Whether you are planning a big hens night party or something small with just a few friends, the decorations you choose can make a big difference. If you do not have a professional to do the decorating, then you certainly need some ideas on what to use for the decoration. Here are 5 great ideas.

Themed Balloons

Let’s face it. A hens night turns grown women into little girls who love girly things like balloons. You can, however, add a twist to it by having a particular theme. You will find various themed helium balloons in the hens night shop. It could be an all silver party so you get silver balloons or gold. Here are some ideas for balloons:

– A to Z letter-shaped balloons

– Confetti filled balloons

– Custom made balloons with a photo of the bride-to-be

– Rainbow coloured balloons

Artificial Petals

Are you planning a nice dinner for the evening or a wine tasting night? Whatever it is, artificial rose petals will make the table look set for a great night. You should be able to find these at any hens night shop. You can choose a single colour or go for different colours to add variety.

L Plates

Add some bit of humour to the party with giant L plates. Maybe everyone will get the joke (maybe just a few will), but it is a fun decoration to have for the bride to be as she prepares to be a real bride. Some L plates and balloons filled with helium, and others are just stickers you can hang at the party venue or stick on the back of the bride-to-be for easy identification.


You can choose from a variety of confetti products in different shapes and sizes. The way you choose to use them would be up to you. Usually, they are spread on the table, but you could also sprinkle them on the floor or if there is a red carpet, you could have some there as well. Confetti is one of the cheap hens night supplies that make a big difference when decorating the venue.

Paper Pom-pom

Need something hanging from the ceiling? You can choose different colours of pom-pom hangings made from tissue paper. They are easy to work with whether you are putting them up or taking them down so less time is spent on decorating. They are also a great alternative to balloons if the bride is not into the whole balloon-craze.

Sometimes it may be a good idea to just go to the shop and see what’s there and decide if you would like to use what you see for the decoration. But whenever you are making a decision, keep in mind the bride and the people who will be present at the party. Find something that will cheer people up as well as fit into the setting of the party. For example, if the bride likes her wine and champagne, then giant champagne shaped balloons may be appropriate. Just have fun.

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