5 Most Common Pests in NY

Have you ever wondered who else calls New York State their home? There are millions of people in NY but also animals and insects can lay claim to this land. Pest control Grand Island NY usually receives calls about many of these pests, with the majority being insects. Here is a list of the five most common ones.


They may not bite, but the sight of them can be frightening and annoying. It can get even scarier when they start flying around. Pest control Grand Island NY receives some calls from very frantic homeowners who find flying roaches an emergency. There are probably more cockroaches than humans in NY and any home can become infested with them if you do not take prompt action to get rid of them.


You are probably familiar with the honey bees and may have not encountered many of these, but there are more than 100 species of bees in NY. The most common is the ground bee which digs holes in the ground and makes a nest there, that however is not the one people worry about. Bee control Buffalo NY usually has to deal with the honey bees that like to nest in attics and ceiling of homes. They may also nest in trees or birdhouses in the garden. When faced with these invaders, it is advisable to call professionals to safely get rid of them.


Ants are just about everywhere on this earth and sometimes we may consider them pests, while other times they are just fascinating creatures in the garden. Ants, however, can be destructive pests. Not only can they be a scary sight in your kitchen, but they can also undermine structures. Ant exterminator Grand Island NY professionals have found many cases of walls that have been silently destroyed by termites. They usually advise that homeowners make their homes ant proof and carry out routine inspections to find out if ants may have secretly moved in. also if there is any infestation discovered, it should be dealt with fast and efficiently.


Many of us may think this is a pest that only invades dirty homes. Far from it though, bedbugs are a constant pest in so many homes as well as in some of the cleanest hotels you may know. It just takes a single pregnant female bed bug to start an infestation. They do not move out just because you are clean. It usually takes professional pest control to permanently get rid of a bedbug problem. It is wise to take precautions to prevent infestation, for example, if you visit a hotel, do not put the clothes you had at the hotel together with the rest of your clothes until they have been washed.


You can find these as well anywhere in NY, they feed on the foods we throw away and sometimes even the ones we keep for ourselves. They spread disease and smell bad. Sometimes having a cat to deal with them can control them, but it will not get rid of them.

There are plenty more pests in NY but these five are the most common problems for homeowners as well as business premises.

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