5 Mistakes That Can Affect Your Transmission

Transmission maintenance is a crucial part of owning a car, and scheduling regular transmission service in Maple Valley WA is vital to keep your car in good shape. In this article, we’ve listed a few mistakes that you must avoid to prolong the life of your transmission.

Mistake #1

Missing to Schedule Regular Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission needs periodic tuning every once in a while and failing to get regular transmission maintenance causes dirt and contaminants to build up inside, causing your transmission to run inefficiently, and car problems occur over time. According to the professionals of automotive repair in Maple Valley WA, you should schedule regular maintenance every 30000 to 60000 miles.

Mistake #2

Low Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission requires transmission fluid to lubricate its many parts, provide hydraulic fluid pressure, and minimizes the heat generated. When you are running on low on transmission fluid, the running temperature increases and excessive heat may fail your vehicle’s system. This can be prevented by checking your transmission fluid levels regularly.

Mistake #3

Choosing the Wrong Type of Transmission Fluid

Many people believe that all transmission fluid is the same, but specific transmission requires specific transmission fluid in order to perform efficiently. It’s your responsibility to get the right fluid for your transmission, and choosing the wrong type of transmission fluid will result in erratic hydraulic pressure and do not provide the right cooling or lubricating properties.

Mistake #4

Ignoring Auto Repair Services

Hearing a strange noise when changing gears? Do you find fluid staining your driveway? Grinding shaking or stalling? These unusual signs are indicators that immediate attention is required. Ignoring these signs and failing to book an automotive repair in Maple Valley will lead to costly auto repairs that could lead to high expenses.

Mistake #5

Overheating Transmission

Allowing your transmission to overheat generally results in poor performance and kills your transmission. According to a research report, around 90% of all transmission failures are due to excessive heat. Transmission overheating is caused by transmission slipping, a defective solenoid, heavy towing, lots of stop and go driving, and more.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission in good condition is essential to improve the performance of your vehicle. So, schedule regular car repair in Maple Valley WA, to ensure proper working of your vehicle’s transmission.

The author of this article is an expert in automotive repair in Maple Valley WA, and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists the common mistakes to avoid that could affect the performance of your transmission. Visit https://www.rainierauto.com/ for more information.

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