5 Items You Must Have at a Hen Party

The idea of ladies getting together to have one last party with their single friend before she gets married is an opportunity for a lot of fun. The hens party is the time that they can all let loose and have a bit of silly adult fun. It takes a lot of preparation for such a party and having the right accessories can make it a success.

Whatever activities you plan for the hens party will need the right supplies. For example, party games may need some props, drinks will need glasses and the guests too may need costumes in case it is a themed party. Here are some of the hens party supplies that you would need to have for a fun night with the girls.


You might be surprised to find out that people actually forget the decorations. These are a very important part of the hens party supplies yet somehow the person charged with bringing them can easily forget them. Setting up a checklist with all the decorations you would need will help you remember those crazy balloons and party poppers.

Phone Chargers

Let’s face it, our phones have become items we cannot do without and more so during a memorable occasion like the last night of freedom. There will be pictures we will want to take, friends we need to call to ensure they find the venue and so on. But the phones usually have low batteries at the time that we need them most so a charger is an important accessory to have. Alternatively, you could get a power bank.


Party games can make the even very interesting you can buy games as part of the hens party accessories if you do not already have some that you can carry along with you. Party games can help to break the ice in case you have people who may be hiding in their shell. By the end of the games, everyone should be free and mingle with ease.

Water and Paracetamol

If there is going to be drinking, then it is important that you are ready with water. The water may be needed as you party through the night, but you should also keep some for the morning. Paracetamol may also come in handy especially if you still have to do preparations for the wedding in the morning. There will always be that friend who will have too much to drink and water will be their best friend later.

Emergency Money

You never know what emergency may come up so always carry along some money for an emergency. It should be kept away from the rest that you are planning to spend on that night. Make sure that if there are strippers, you do not tip the stripper with the emergency money.

You will still have to have many other accessories, but these are a few that should not be forgotten. At the end of it all, you will be glad that you carried along with these items to the party.

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